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Making your life complete

May 28, 2024

You have to like yourself just a little bit to get through each day.  To have the most rewarding and fulfilling life then you need to love yourself.   Some people need to learn how to achieve this “love” status.  It starts first with taking care of your own personal needs.  What makes you feel whole?  In our busy stressful life it is easy to get wrapped up in the needs of others.  First there is ...

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Are your hearing aids providing enough

May 23, 2024

Are you hearing as well as you should be?  How do you know?  The first step is to make sure that you have an ongoing relationship with your hearing healthcare provider.  Someone who cares and is on top of your hearing needs.     If your hearing instruments are over 2 years old there have been huge advancements in sound reproduction and the control of speech weighted background noise.. aka crowd noise…aka… restaurant noise…aka…clubhouse ...

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Why get a hearing test

May 17, 2024

There are some important reasons to get a hearing test.  For starters… Your hearing is one of you most important senses.  You don’t know how well you are hearing or if  your brain is getting the appropriate auditory stimulation if it is not measured.  You want to keep your brain healthy. When you hear properly communication will be clear.  Conversations will be easier. You will be able to participate fully in everyday life! A ...

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Did you hear? Eating healthy may reduce women’s hearing loss risk

May 15, 2024

It’s no secret that eating healthy is great for your overall health — reducing the risk of chronic diseases, supporting brain function, improving mental health, helping you stay active — and beyond. But another benefit of nutritious noshing may be music to women’s ears in particular: Women who eat a healthy diet may reduce their risk of hearing loss by 30 percent — according to a study of 71,000 female nurses over a period of ...

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Wearing hearing aids in the spring

May 10, 2024

The weather is changing...spring is in the air.  Weather changes bring many things.  People start to get more active outdoors as well as in groups.  Humidity will increase and so will the need to cool down with some air conditioning.   If you wear hearing instruments then this change in season can give you a little bit of trouble.  Humidity is not really anyone’s friend and that goes especially true for hearing instruments.  You ...

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Hearing connects us to our world

May 7, 2024

When you think of your hearing… what do you think of?  Do you think about sounds?  Do you think about music or perhaps conversations with friends?  When we have good hearing we have one of our most important senses that give us an intimate connection with our world.  Think about the sounds that are important to your happiness. Hearing the giggles of your grandkids, the birds in the morning, or the golf ball hitting the ...

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What is the best sound ever?

May 2, 2024

Welcome to Better Hearing Month! In honor of this important time, which raises awareness of hearing and speech problems and the value of getting our hearing checked, you are invited to join Starkey in recognizing the joy and betterment sound brings to our daily lives.   From the blissful gurgle of a baby’s giggle to the soothing patter of rain against your window, to that old song that always reminds you of your first road ...

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