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Making your life complete

May 28, 2024

You have to like yourself just a little bit to get through each day.  To have the most rewarding and fulfilling life then you need to love yourself.   Some people need to learn how to achieve this “love” status. 

It starts first with taking care of your own personal needs.  What makes you feel whole?  In our busy stressful life it is easy to get wrapped up in the needs of others.  First there is work, maybe the parents or the kids.  Maybe you are raising grandkids because your kids are under too much financial stress….  We are so busy that often we don’t even realize that our basic needs are going by the wayside.

So start with the basics.  What makes you stop and say “AHHH that was great”.   Maybe it is working in the yard and enjoying that perfect yard.  Maybe it is watching a perfect sunset or just drinking coffee on the porch in the morning.  What do you do to meet your own personal needs?  Everyday, I mean EVERYDAY… you need to set aside a few minutes of personal time that allows complete relaxation.  Just a few minutes can do the trick to better health.

This relaxation time will allow time to reflect on what is important to you.  On that list should be keeping up with your health.  Are you one of those people who haven’t been to your primary care in over a year?  Finding high blood pressure that you didn’t know you have may save you from months in a nursing home by preventing a stroke.  They can’t take care of you and help you if they don’t see you and touch base with you and your needs.  What about the eye doctor?  Just because your glasses still physically fit on your face doesn’t mean that your eyes are healthy.  Again…they can’t protect your precious eyes if they don’t get to check them out.  The same goes with your hearing.  Maybe you have noticed that you are having more difficulty hearing in noisy places.  Have you ever had a hearing test?  Not just a “tone test” where you press a button when you hear a tone… I mean a complete and thorough hearing evaluation that will reveal your speech understanding capabilities and restrictions.  A complete hearing evaluation that checks the health condition of your external ear as well as your middle ear and inner ear.  A complete hearing evaluation that checks for physical abnormalities that may lead to more serious medical issues if not addressed.  A complete hearing evaluation where EVERYTHING is explained to you are ALL of your questions are addressed. 

Good hearing allows your world to be complete.  ‘Complete’ with fun conversations with your families and friends.  ‘Complete’ with succeeding the best at work and in business.  ‘Complete’ by being to be able relay valuable health information with your physicians.  

Untreated hearing loss is directly related to cognitive decline.  It is related to an increase risk of falls.  Poor hearing increases the chance of being admitted to a hospital because of falls or accidents.   Untreated hearing loss is probably one of the easiest health cormobidity to conquer. 

Hearing instruments are tiny.  They can be rechargeable.  They can pair to your smart phone (certain models).  They start as low as $550.   There is no reason not to correct your hearing and protect your brain and your body.  Love Yourself.  Pay attention to your own personal health needs. If we can help…give us a call.  385-3497.  To Hear Better Is To Live Better!


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