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It’s better to deal with hearing loss earlier rather than later

March 1, 2023

A  2020 New York Times article headlined “Can Hearing Aids Help Prevent Dementia?” covers a lot of things we’ve known — and have been sharing with you — for years. Like that hearing loss is very common, that it’s a risk factor for things like cognitive decline, social isolation and dementia, and that too few people take it seriously.   As you'd expect from the headline, the article focuses primarily on this link between hearing ...

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Drink Water to Reduce Stress and Protect Your Hearing

February 27, 2023

There has been an abundance of research done as to the effects of stress on the human body.  While some stress is not necessarily a bad thing… if the stress is long lasting there is much detriment that occurs. Stress and anxiety can cause hearing loss.  Our bodies rely on a delicate balance of blood flow which provides the necessary oxygen and nutrients to our body.  When a person is under continuous and long-lasting stress ...

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Did My Ear Infection Cause Hearing Loss?

January 11, 2023

Every day I look in about 20 patient’s ears.  I am looking for a healthy ear.  I am also making sure that the ear canal is free of cerumen (wax).  I want to make sure the tympanic membrane (ear drum) is intact and healthy.  I want to make sure there is no fluid or infection present.  Like most infections the ear may become painful or tender.  You may have a colored discharge secreting from ...

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Do you have a history of hearing loss in your family?

December 8, 2022

Our legacy and our ancestry can often reveal the journey of our future.  If we investigate our past there will be some key pointers about our future.  Many situations can change our life.  Some things will change it for the better, while others will have negative effects.  Many of our soldiers end up with PTSD after serving our country because of the tragic life that they led.  Love can end up in divorce which traumatizes ...

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Caring for hearing aids in colder weather

December 6, 2022

In places where it gets cold, it can be tough on a lot of things: automobiles, fingers and toes, and our psyche. But it doesn’t need to be hard on hearing aids, so long as you keep in mind a few things to do — and not do — when wearing hearing aids in cold weather.   Five do’s Be careful when removing hats and scarves to avoid pulling off and losing your hearing aids. Keep ...

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Traveling with your hearing aids

November 28, 2022

The holidays are here and it’s time for some to travel!  Some of you will stay in the state while others will venture into colder states!!  Whether you travel to Miami or Michigan or any of our wonder states here are some tips to keep your hearing aids running smoothly. Pack some extra batteries.   You never know when you lose some or drop them on the floor and can’t find them.  Maybe you ...

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Hearing aids can affect certain chronic illnesses

September 21, 2022

In 2018, a team from the University of Michigan studied a group of older adults who reported they had severe hearing loss to see if hearing aid use impacted how they use our health care system. Some in the group treated their hearing loss with hearing aids, while others did not. Knowing that hearing aids can be a significant investment, the team was curious to find out if the cost of hearing aids was offset ...

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