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Hearing loss is linked to an increased risk for depression

May 19, 2023

Everyone has their reasons for why they do certain things. Big things, like why they follow a particular career path or live in a specific city. And small, like what they’re going to have for dinner or wear to work today. Most times, the reasons are numerous and nuanced. Other times, it’s a single, simple reason that triggers the decision — like that they have chicken they need to use before it goes bad ...

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Better Hearing Month is the best time to treat hearing loss

May 2, 2023

In 1927, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) designated the month of May as Better Hearing and Speech Month. Their goal at the time was to raise awareness about speech and hearing challenges and — more importantly — encourage people to take action and treat their own hearing and speech problems. That mission is just as important today as it was then. Maybe more so. One reason why? Because if the past two years have taught us anything ...

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Ptsd and auditory processing

May 1, 2023

Our Veterans have undergone more stress and traumatic experiences than most of us can even fathom.  Many suffer from PTSD.  Due to the noise exposure of the being in the military most of our veterans will have developed some type of hearing loss.  Tinnitus or ringing/head noises may also accompany our veterans.  In fact, the traumatic event yields a person 2 times more likely to have tinnitus induced as a result. Veterans who suffer ...

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Hearing loss can sneak up on you

May 1, 2023

Hearing loss can happen suddenly, due to an illness or an injury. Usually though… hearing loss often sneaks up on us.  Slowly we start to misunderstand a few things.  We may find ourselves in little spats with others that they are insisting they told us something and we swear they did not.  This lack of remembering can be a byproduct of not hearing or completely understanding what was said to us.  After all, you cannot ...

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Hows your health

April 27, 2023

How is your health?  Are you mobile… moving around and getting a little exercise?  Feel pretty good?  Hopefully, your life is full of fun activities.  As we age; many people will develop more than one health that they must deal with.   There is a name for this…. Comorbidity.  What is it?   It is the simultaneous presence of two chronic diseases at the same time.  For example, people with bipolar disorder are very likely to also ...

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What our brain does with sound

April 25, 2023

Have you ever noticed that if something happens to our body that we are able to just “adapt?”   If you hurt your knee, then your hip and ankle help you to walk and to shift the pain.  If you hurt your wrist, then your fingers might have to hold a pen a little differently to write comfortable. It is often thought that when one of our senses diminishes that one of our other senses can ...

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Tips for traveling with your hearing aids

April 19, 2023

Hearing aids are designed to be a large part of our daily lives and should be one of the first things on your packing list when it is time for a trip. Whether you are traveling for work or for fun, it is important to have a few tricks in mind when you travel with your hearing aids to ensure they are always in peak working condition and you never miss a thing! Power is ...

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How to create a better life

April 12, 2023

Hearing is one of our most important senses.  It provides us with the ability to interact and communicate with others.  When we get a hearing loss we start to fade into the background.  What does better hearing provide?  It provides a better life.  How?  Why?   Maybe you have “normal” hearing.  Perhaps when you get with other people you have no problem understanding more than one person at a time.  Possibly when you get into a ...

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Over the counter hearing aids vs. prescription hearing aids: What’s the difference?

April 6, 2023

Recently, the FDA released its final regulations on over the counter hearing aids. This regulation introduced an entirely new category of hearing aids called "over the counter" or "OTC." OTC hearing aids officially became available Monday, October 17th, and will be an additional option to the existing category of hearing aids that the FDA now refers to as “prescription.” As the name suggests, OTC hearing aids will be available over the counter at pharmacies, various ...

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The importance of complete diagnostic hearing evaluation

April 3, 2023

There are hearing screenings which take about 10 -15 minutes…and then there are complete diagnostic hearing evaluations and consultations that take closer to an hour or more.  The diagnostic evaluation reveals all the necessary information to determine the state of your hearing, degree of hearing loss; if any, and the necessary steps to improve it.  What’s in a score?  We use measurements daily to determine if we are achieving and succeeding at the ...

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