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Christmas jingle

December 24, 2021

The last year and a half have been tough on everyone. This year however there seems to be a renewed Christmas spirit in the air. Patients coming into the office seem to have quite the “pep in their step!" I have seen many treasured Christmas shirts. Patients are planning to take trips to see their kids and grandkids. Other patients have family coming to Florida to enjoy our beautiful weather. So in the Christmas spirit ...

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Artificial intelligence helps you understand better in noise

December 22, 2021

Many technologies are using artificial intelligence sensors in their products. Starkey Hearing Technologies were the very first company to put them to work in their hearing instruments. Over 3 years ago they introduced the first instruments with AI sensors and they just keep making them better and faster. This results in better speech understanding in all environments. The holidays are here! Along with the holidays come lots of friends and family fun. Whether you have ...

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What to do with ringing in my ears

December 16, 2021

Often I get asked…. “Can anything be done about this awful ringing in my ears?” Well yes. Tinnitus Sound Therapy is a real solution. It provides the patient a way to combat and adjust as their tinnitus shifts. For many patients who suffer from tinnitus they also share that it gets louder at certain times of the day. Some experience the sounds that they hear to actually change pitch. Tinnitus, ringing in your ears or ...

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Hard time hearing in noise? Here's why

December 9, 2021

There are many signs of hearing loss — but one of the first signs that your hearing is going is if you can hear fine in quiet environments yet struggle to hear in noise. Here’s why. Even for people with normal hearing, noisy settings can be tricky to navigate when trying to make out speech. That’s because we all use contextual cues during conversations — or clues from words we do make out — to fill ...

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Hearing aid perception vs. reality

December 3, 2021

Hearing and sight are arguably our two most important senses (despite taste getting a lot of attention these past 18 months). Yet, if and when either starts to fail us — and both typically do as we age — we react to each very differently. You can tell by all the people with glasses, contacts, Lasik surgery or cheaters that we have no problem or hesitation treating vision issues. But when it comes to treating hearing loss ...

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