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Give yourself some time

February 27, 2024

Some things in life just take time to get used to.  That new pair of glasses sitting on your nose takes getting used to.  Those new high heels are a little steep until you get used to walking in them.  How about your dentures or even a new crown on your tooth? And yes...even your hearing aid will take time to get used to.  Why?  Well, because of sensations and stimulation that is being ...

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Get your earwax checked

February 16, 2024

Monday through Friday while helping patients to hear better there is one constant service that takes place.   One thing that has to be done to every hearing instrument that comes through the door.  One thing that needs to be checked with every patient.  Ear wax. While patients attempts to clean their instruments , there is just so much they can do.  With professional equipment and professional expertise your hearing instruments are analyzed, worn parts replaced, and ...

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Spotting your hearing loss

February 8, 2024

The discovery of our personal hearing loss can be gradual or sudden.   As we age, most of us will have hearing loss caused by presbycusis.   This term is used when there is a degeneration of the inner ear due to age.  Often this shift in the health of the inner ear causes lowered sensitivity to high frequencies and a diminished ability to understand speech.  People may say that people are mumbling.  Usually, presbycusis creates a ...

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Understanding ear infection

February 7, 2024

Adults and children will most likely experience an ear infection.  In fact, 80% of children will have one before they reach 6 years of age.   Over 50% of them will have a severe infection before they are 3 years old.   If a child under the age of 7 gets an ear infection and it goes untreated it can leave the child with long lasting side effects. Ear infections happen when fluid builds up on the ...

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Is there a way I can help a loved one who has hearing loss?

February 5, 2024

We know that, left untreated, hearing loss can negatively affect our quality of life. Studies link untreated hearing loss to stress, depression, social isolation, and even dementia. Untreated hearing loss also increases the risk of falling, putting personal safety at risk.  But the person with hearing loss isn’t the only person affected by it. Hearing loss impacts spouses, family members, and friends. Repeating things over and over during conversation can be exhausting and frustrating ...

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