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Now hear this - hearing tests don't hurt

July 21, 2023

Raise your hand if you’re a fan of the word test. Going once... Going twice... Yeah, neither are we. Test. You almost feel sorry for the word itself. Just four letters but enough to shorten our breaths as our minds race to press that internal “postpone” button as fast as we can. Especially when it comes to medical tests — famous for the poking, prodding, and unfortunately for some of us, pain. Unless you’re ...

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The health benefits of inclusion

July 19, 2023

Let’s Ponder this for a moment.  What does National Wellness was month refer to?   Your personal wellness?  The wellness of your friends?  Maybe the overall wellness of our country.   Let’s start with you, the individual.  What activities do you do daily to help keep your body and your brain healthy?  What do you do for others?   I was once told that to be truly healthy then you had to take care of yourself ...

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Hearing instrument tips

July 14, 2023

Hearing instruments are now high-tech computers.  They sit on each side of your head but can analyze speech and sounds in a 360-degree pattern.  That is if they have Artificial Intelligence sensors and gyroscopes in them.  Starkey Hearing Technologies hearing instruments now analyze and self-adjust making 80 million automatic adjustments every hour.  That is just under 2 billion a day.  They work hard at controlling all the sounds that interrupt and compete with our speech ...

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Hot Hot Hot HUMID

July 10, 2023

While keeping your health afloat this summer remember your ears and your hearing.   The summer is upon us.  It’s a time to get out and enjoy the sunshine and the longer daylight hours.  It’s time for rain, heat, and humidity.   Perhaps you enjoy golf or swimming in one of our many lakes.  If you are outside in the Florida summer heat, there is going to be some type of moisture build up going ...

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Keeping your ears healthy

July 7, 2023

It is very common for children to get several ear infections as their bodies are developing.  Adults may also get ear infections and for some they may be chronic.  The infections can occur in the outer ear, middle ear...on the other side of the eardrum or in the inner ear where all your hearing hairs are located.  Ear infections are not contagious but if a cold develops due to the existence of the ear ...

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Genesis AI hearing aids – a new beginning for better hearing

July 3, 2023

Imagine a hearing aid that can process sound the way it’s meant to be heard — clear and true to life. Designed to always be a step ahead, so you’re ready for anything. And with the all-day power to help ensure you don’t miss a moment of life happening around you. Now, picture starting each day with confidence in knowing you will stay informed, feel independent, and maintain connections with your friends, family ...

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