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A Christmas Jingle

January 11, 2023

Christmas spirit in the air.  Patients coming into the office seem to have quite the “pep in their step”!  I have seen many treasured Christmas shirts.  Patients are planning to take trips to see their kids and grandkids.  Other patients have family coming to Florida to enjoy our beautiful weather.   So, in the Christmas is a little Jingle to enjoy!   Did you hear the bells this morning?  Were they mild and sweet and ...

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Safe Healthy Holidays

November 7, 2022

Here we Go!  Halloween is over and it is time to head into the holidays.  One great thing about the holidays is the joy we get from fellowship with others.  Often, we will visit with people that we may not see except for this time of year.  Kids will fly in from out of state.  Brothers and sisters will try to get together.  There will be parties at the clubhouse and get together at friends ...

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