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A Rescheduling Nightmare

May 20, 2020

Finally! Things are starting to free up just a little. People can start to feel a little more normal. A little. Patients can get some of the procedures done that they have been putting off. It really is just crazy. Along with all businesses, we the people have had to develop a new normal. Everyone has had to partake in a new level of patience. Take a look into the craziness at our office. As ...

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Do’s and don’ts of living with tinnitus

May 19, 2020

Over 50 million Americans experience tinnitus — or ringing in the ears. When you first realize you have tinnitus, it can be difficult to know what to do. Here is a starter list of dos and don’ts for people dealing with tinnitus. Do’s 1. Do talk to a hearing health professional if tinnitus is affecting your ability to sleep, read, concentrate or take part in normal activities. 2. Do realize that every person responds ...

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Re-Organization of Our Brains with Sound

May 18, 2020

It is often thought that when one of our senses diminishes that one of our other senses can compensate for that deficiency. In a study by Anu Sharma, PhD., of the University of Colorado Boulder, (2020) there is supporting evidence of the correlation and cooperation that our senses have with one another. This is called Cross-modal recruitment. Our brain is comprised of very complex mechanisms in which input is processed, analyzed and thus reacted too ...

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Noise is the antithesis of the best sounds ever

May 8, 2020

The best sounds ever relax us, entice us, evoke fond memories, and force smiles on our faces. They are the opposite of noise. Noise — according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) — can cause bad things, like stress or anxiety or depression or high blood pressure. Especially if you are regularly exposed to it without hearing protection. Noise is something to avoid. Best sounds ever are something to seek out. So the no-brainer ...

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Proper hygiene is important for every aspect of our lives.

May 5, 2020

Proper hygiene is important for every aspect of our lives. With the onset and continuance of COVID19 everyone has become more diligent with their personal hygiene. When we are young we are taught to wash our face, hands, body, and hair. We are taught to brush our teeth at least twice daily and to floss to remove germs that can build to plaque, infections and bad breath. We are taught manners as well; thus, the ...

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May 4, 2020

Our office has stayed open to help those with their hearing needs (following CDC guidelines). We have used curbside service, deliveries, remote programming and telehealth medicine. We have also expanded our YouTube Channel with more instructional video’s. You should check It out: Lampe & Kiefer Hearing Aid Center. Subscribe and get notifications to new video’s and information. It is free. In the last 2 weeks we have had 3 calls for people who lost ...

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May 1, 2020

Technology at its best. Hearing Instruments have evolved from a horn in your ear to a little computer that can store data and connect to your cell phone. Through your cell phone or your tablet we can then connect you directly to our office system. AMAZING! RIGHT? You bet it is! Starkey Hearing Technologies has been in business for 53 years. (Our office for 52). Close to 10 years ago they developed hearing instruments that ...

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