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April 30, 2020

What happens when you have a hearing loss? Well, to start with you may have hard time hearing sounds. For example; birds in the distance. Maybe the coffee smells good while it is brewing but you don’t hear the sounds the machine is actually making. That’s sad to me.. I love that sound. If you have a hearing loss then usually understanding speech will become more difficult. Background noise will always make it ...

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Value is our own perception

April 28, 2020

So many things we have all taken for granted. To go wander Lowes aimlessly for an hour on a Saturday morning. The luxury of reading every label on the food that you are buying at Publix and not caring how long you were. (Or caring how many different items you are picking up and putting back down). Running into friends in the store and just chatting and laughing...and touching. How about going to the ...

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Our new norm is trending

April 9, 2020

In the past several months our country; our world has been attacked by a silent, sneaky killer...Novel Coronavirus...COVID 19. It has caused our economy to break down and at the same time drive families closer together...yet divide others. This virus has caused a major disruption to the normal way we live our lives. Social isolation is the new norm. should be; but, not everyone adheres to the guidelines. Simple guidelines ...

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April 8, 2020 we are in LOCKDOWN! So why? What does this really mean for you? What does it mean for business’s ...whether they are “non-essential” or “essential?” What a term. Everyone thinks they are essential. Personally, I think everyone is essential. Not just businesses but also personally. If you break down the numbers....small businesses in our country provide jobs and income for 58.9 million people. How many small businesses are there in ...

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Hearing loss increases the risk of accidental injuries

April 2, 2020

An analysis of data from the National Health Interview Survey found that, over an eight year period (2007 – 2015), people who reported that they had “a lot of trouble” hearing ended up being twice as likely to have an accidental injury — both at work and leisure — as people who reported no trouble hearing. While the study didn’t dig into what it was about hearing loss that led to these higher numbers, experts suspect the ...

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