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Don't enable your spouse

April 25, 2022

What is your health worth? Is it worth getting your hearing tested and making that step if you need to wear hearing instruments? What about your spouse? Are their needs as important as yours? Are you both as active as the other? Would you say that each of your memory capabilities is the same? Do you both want to live life to the fullest…to carry on meaningful conversations with others on a personal level ...

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Biggest modifiable risk factor to prevent dementia

April 20, 2022

To Hear Better IS To Live Better... and to AGE Better. Everyone wants to grow old healthy. We do things to help ourselves stay healthy. We try to eat right and to get enough exercise. Many of my patients will tell me the secret is to “just keep moving!” This too is my belief… just keep moving. Hearing plays a major role in the aging process. First of all, if you have a hearing loss ...

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The best place to get hearing aids

April 15, 2022

Until recently, if you wanted to be treated for hearing loss or get hearing aids, you had one choice — see an audiologist or other licensed hearing healthcare professional. Today, the options have definitely gotten more complicated, with online-only retailers, big-box stores, and numerous new or unexpected companies now advertising hearing loss solutions. Here’s the thing, though — seeing a hearing professional is still the best way to be treated for hearing loss or get hearing ...

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Caring for your spouse when you both have hearing loss

April 6, 2022

If you have read any of my articles over the years, then you will probably have absorbed the fact hearing loss can increase the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s. It is a very stressful and tormented position to be in if you are the spouse of a person that is dealt this hand. Sometimes the person with dementia may be sweet as molasses but on the other hand, they may turn into a mean-spirited ...

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Do you get lots of ear wax?

April 5, 2022

Do you have earwax? What do you do with it? Have you noticed that since you started wearing hearing aids in your ears all day long that you seem to be building up more ear wax? We all have it. Some people produce more ear wax than others. In comparison, 1 in 10 children, 1 in 20 adults, and 1 in 3 older adults in the United States have excessive or impacted earwax. (Clinical Practice ...

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Comorbidities related to hearing loss

April 4, 2022

Older American Month (OAM) is observed annually and is led by the Administration for Community Living. This year… the committee is focusing on “aging in place.” How can people age and stay in their homes? How do we provide the necessary tools to keep them out of assisted living and nursing homes? How long can older adults live independently by themselves? Comorbidity… is the simultaneous presence of two or more diseases or medical conditions. So ...

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Hearing loss can lead to social isolation

April 1, 2022

Loneliness and social isolation have been getting their fair share of attention lately. For good reason. Covid has made both more prevalent. And both are increasingly linked to numerous physical and mental health issues, including: • 50 percent increased risk of dementia • 32 percent increased risk of stroke • 29 percent increased risk of heart disease • Higher rates of depression and anxiety • Even earlier death Truth be told, as social creatures, humans just aren’t wired to ...

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