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The future of wellness tracking is in the ear

August 17, 2023

Hearing is a vital part of our overall health and well-being, as it plays a key role in both our physical and mental health. But did you also know that the ear is one of the best and most accurate places to track movement and monitor our health? Even more so than the wrist, where many of today’s health and fitness trackers are worn. It’s true! Why ears are better for activity trackers ...

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Could it just be earwax

August 14, 2023

Hearing aids break down for many reasons.  They sit in warm moist environments for hours on end.  Electronics really don’t like humidity.  One of the most obvious reasons for a hearing aid to stop working appropriately or die completely is ear wax.  I will get patients who will come in and state the aids simply are right.  When we show them the wax that we get out of the hearing aids or out of ...

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Don't wait for an eternity!

August 11, 2023

HOW ARE YOU HEARING?  Is it as good as it should be.  Are you taking care of your brain?  We have all heard the saying, “good things are worth the wait.’  Many people go for years before they will find the courage and take the step toward better hearing.  If asked; many will say they are getting by just fine.  In reality…they really believe it too.  After all, you don’t really know if ...

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Don't go half way

August 9, 2023

When you set out to do a project… most of us attempt to do the task correctly.  We strive to make it right.  We have an appreciation of how things are supposed to be done and the satisfaction that comes from that finely finished task.  Well, the same is true when utilizing a hearing health care professional and deciding on technology levels to help you with your communication needs.  The numbers are in.  The onset ...

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Your odds of hearing loss double every decade of life

August 7, 2023

Hearing loss is the fourth leading cause of disability worldwide, according to the New England Journal of Medicine. In the United States, one in three people between 65 and 74 years of age have hearing loss. More alarming, the prevalence of hearing loss doubles for every decade of life. These sobering statistics underscore the importance of hearing healthcare and early intervention for older adults. While hearing loss might not seem all that serious, its implications ...

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Lots to consider.. get some help

August 2, 2023

There are many factors that must be taken into consideration when deciding which style of hearing instrument would be the best for you.   I always tell people that the VERY most important thing about your hearing instrument is that YOU want to wear it.  (And of course, that you do).    We must be diligent in other considerations also.  First are the results of your hearing evaluation.  It is not just about how you hear the ...

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