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Help each other train your brain

June 20, 2022

WHAT? HUH? The deer in the headlight look. The strange grin & nod? Or perhaps no answer or acknowledgment at all. UGH!! How many times do you have to repeat yourself? Well, that depends on how many times you say the same thing over & over. What do I mean? Along with getting someone's attention before speaking, pausing to give them time to pay attention, and then speaking more slowly there are a few things you ...

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More people over 70 have hearing loss than don’t

June 16, 2022

As humans age, numerous things become inevitable. Our hair will gray. Our bones will weaken. Dinners will be eaten earlier. And our hearing abilities won’t be what they once were. In case seeing-it-with-your-own-eyes isn’t enough to convince you that this future holds true, statistics like today’s hearing fact should. Research shows that more than two-thirds of adults 70 and older have clinically meaningful hearing loss — meaning your odds of having hearing loss ...

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Stop the madness

June 15, 2022

Several months ago, I had a patient at my office, and I was asked how do you attack tinnitus? Tinnitus is defined as a variety of different noises that are heard inside your head. It may be a ringing, roaring, rushing, chirping, clicking, and even music or voices. It can be minimal, or it can drive you nuts. It may be intermittent or constant and keeps you from sleeping at night. It may vary in ...

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Seeking answers is human nature

June 3, 2022

It is Human nature to question. It is human nature to inquire with others to obtain answers that satisfy our needs. Why do we seek help? We need help. Plain and simple…in little things and big things. We like to analyze and do lists of pros and cons. We like to bounce idea’s around with others. We want facts. Everyone, every day seeks out the help of others. Moms want kids to help ...

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Your brain and music connections

June 2, 2022

Most people like music. Many people love music. Then there are those that actually have musical talent and have enjoyed living their lives as musicians. There has been much research over the last few years as to the effects that exposure to music has with regard to speech understanding in noise. As we age, we have a slower response to speech than younger people. Older musicians pick up the speech signal as quick as a ...

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Enjoy hands-free phone conversations — using your hearing aids

June 1, 2022

Can you enjoy hands-free phone conversations with your current hearing aids? If those current hearing aids are Evolv AI, then the answer is yes! We’re excited to announce the newest feature in our already feature-packed Evolv AI hearing aids — 2-Way Audio. With 2-Way Audio, the microphone in your Evolv AI hearing aids pick up and can stream your voice directly back to your iPhone and iPad*. You’ve always been able to hear what ...

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