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They have to be comfortable

October 27, 2023

I have always said that the most important thing about your hearing instrument is that you ‘want to wear it.’  It needs to be comfortable and and eventually become virtually unnoticeable.   There is not one choice that is best for all.  So a little breakdown: First is the style that fits above and over your ear with the little wire that leads down to a little receiver with a rubber bud on the end of ...

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Ear infections may be painful

October 24, 2023

You wake up and notice that your ear is warm.  Maybe it is tingly and sensitive to touch.  Perhaps it just really hurts.  You may have developed an ear infection.   It can happen to anyone.  Old or young.    Acute Otitis Media (AOM) and Otitis Media with effusion (OME)  First of all, "Otitis Media" simply means inflammation of the middle ear.  SO... "Acute Otitis Media" is inflammation and infection that occurs behind the ear drum in ...

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Not all hearing devices are created equal

October 19, 2023

NOPE!  Not all hearing instruments are created equal.   When considering hearing instruments…the most important thing is that you will want to wear them and that you will hear better.  Getting appropriate technology is only one of many considerations when pursuing better hearing. The technology that you choose is only as good as the capabilities of the person who is programming it for you.  Your Hearing Healthcare Professional must be well educated on all the ...

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Navigating the Common Yet Overlooked Reality of Age-Related Hearing Loss

October 17, 2023

As we journey through life, we inevitably accumulate experiences, wisdom, and memories. But along with these treasures, there's a less discussed companion that tends to tag along as the years go by—age-related hearing loss. It's a reality that many of us are aware of, yet the statistics surrounding it might surprise you. In this article, we'll delve into the facts and figures about hearing loss among those over 65, the potential ...

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Make an effort to protect your hearing

October 16, 2023

Fall is here… hopefully the weather and humidity will take a dip, and everyone will get to enjoy some outdoor activities.  Many outdoor activities also bring with them some increase in noise levels.          Every action that we perform in life yields consequences.  Some may be wanted or expected yet others may not even be thought of as a possibility.   Hearing loss is often a consequence that is not given a second thought.   But…it needs ...

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The perception of importance

October 11, 2023

We all have different needs and different wants.  Plain and simple.  That is the truth with everything that we do in life.  Some people like to go on cruises, while others would rather go camping.  Some people may love riding a bicycle while others prefer to walk.  Some people will seek better hearing while others will just assume that hearing instruments cost more than they want to spend.  The number of courses is variable.  What ...

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What makes your life better

October 9, 2023

Have you ever stopped to think and answer the question…. What makes my life better?  What makes you happy?   What kicks in the serotonin?  What does motivate you?  What makes you get up and move and enjoy life?  Is it your kids?  Maybe it is your spouse or partner?  Perhaps you just want to be active to be healthier.   When counseling patients it is important that we determine what is important to them.  We must ...

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It's all about understanding

October 6, 2023

When patients come into our office for a hearing evaluation and a consultation it is not usually because they are not aware of sounds.  It usually is because they are having communication difficulties with their spouse, significant others, and friends.  Hearing and understanding are alike…yet different.          Hearing loss is one of the largest health concerns today and it is related to everything we do in our lives.  Often, how well we think we hear ...

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How to make adjusting to hearing aids easier

October 3, 2023

Relationships. Kid dance recitals. That “greatest hits” album your loved one can’t live without. Sometimes the things that matter can take a little extra effort on our part. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it, right? Like better hearing! From meeting your newest born family member for the first time, to unwinding to the cozy patter of rain against your window — hearing aids allow us to experience life’s biggest moments ...

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