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The health benefits of inclusion

July 19, 2023

Let’s Ponder this for a moment.  What does National Wellness was month refer to?   Your personal wellness?  The wellness of your friends?  Maybe the overall wellness of our country.   Let’s start with you, the individual.  What activities do you do daily to help keep your body and your brain healthy?  What do you do for others?   I was once told that to be truly healthy then you had to take care of yourself first.   Before you can make someone else happy, you must be happy yourself…

I believe for the most part that there is indeed merit in this type of thinking.  So, what makes you feel good?   What makes you feel invigorated and optimistic?  Perhaps helping others is what delivers your best personal “well-being!”   Maybe it isn’t meditation or relaxation.   I think everyone needed to figure out not just what provides them with the best health benefits… but just exactly how to get there.   How is your enthusiasm nurtured?                                             

We all hear the benefits that we reap from volunteering and helping others.  There are many worthy organizations in our area and individuals who can use help.  Many of you reading this will live in communities… I would like to take this opportunity to instill a need for you to look at others in your circle while you are in community gatherings; like at your clubhouse or pool.  Is there someone sitting of to the side… not partaking, not socializing.  Probably because they are alone, no spouse and maybe REALLY BAD HEARING.

I would urge you NOT to ignore these individuals.  They are already isolated.  Can you imagine going to a group function to just feel worse when you leave?   Reach out to these people.  Speak to them, slowly, face to face.  Imagine if it was yourself in their shoes.   Include them.   Give up your “usual” seat if it helps them to participate and hear better.   Not being able to hear and communicate with others is lonely and stressful for the person.   They are hopeful heading into the community center and more depressed and separated when they leave.   If just a person or two try and include others who are obviously excluded…and have a bit of a conversation with them, it can make a huge difference to someone who is silently suffering. 

So, during National Wellness Month try starting a new habit.  Reach out and strike up a conversation with someone that you know is struggling to communicate.  Speak face to face.  A little slower.  Help someone else fit in an enjoy the smile that these actions will yield to both of you.   Health benefits are sure to follow.  If you or a loved one are having problems hearing or understanding…especially while in a group; then it is time for a thorough hearing evaluation.  We are HEAR to help! Call for your appointment today:  (863) 385-3497. To Hear Better Is To Live Better!



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