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Hearing instrument tips

July 14, 2023

Hearing instruments are now high-tech computers.  They sit on each side of your head but can analyze speech and sounds in a 360-degree pattern.  That is if they have Artificial Intelligence sensors and gyroscopes in them.  Starkey Hearing Technologies hearing instruments now analyze and self-adjust making 80 million automatic adjustments every hour.  That is just under 2 billion a day.  They work hard at controlling all the sounds that interrupt and compete with our speech signal.  Little electronic devices that provide those that utilize them with an improved life.   They are simple to use and comfortable to wear as there are several different styles to choose from.   Something for everyone.  They can be over the ear or in the ear.  You can have them with batteries or rechargeable.  You can get them to pair to your smart phone and stream the phone call.  You can get them without the streaming option.  There is something for everyone.  They are the very best hearing instruments I have ever fit.  They just keep making them better. 

No matter which style you may be wearing...they all take cleaning and care.   Even with normal maintenance, the hearing instruments may decide to give you a fit.  Often, the fix is something that you may be able to do at home.   We answer calls daily for help on how to get a hearing instrument running and back online. 

A few tips:  If you are experiencing Loss of Sound, weak or intermittent amplification, or internal noises like whistling or garbled sounds then try the following tasks:  Ask yourself?

  1.  Is your hearing instrument on?  If you have batteries, then open and close the battery door to ensure it closed properly.  If you have a volume control, make sure it is turned up. 
  2.  Is there a problem with the battery?  Make sure the battery is in correctly.  If you wear 2 hearing instruments...take the battery out of the other instrument that is working properly and see if it works in the dead Hearing instrument... if it does, then it is just the battery.  At that point put in a new battery.  You should always change the batteries in both at the same time, even if one is not quite dead yet. 
  3.  Is the hearing instrument clogged with wax or debris?  Salt from sweat can clog up the microphones on ALL styles of hearing instruments.  The same is true of wax, oils, and dried flaky skin that is on the head and in the ear.   Wipe off your hearing instrument with a dry cloth or paper towel.  Turn the openings upside down and brush over them.  You can dip your cleaning brush into a little rubbing alcohol and then brush... it should clean out most problems.  If you have a ‘wax guard system’ then change the wax guards and clean out any ear bud or end to ensure that sound has a way to process through the device.
  4.  Are you in the right program or memory?  If you have multiple memories or prescriptions, then try one of your other settings.  Are they working?  If they are not and cleaning did not solve the issue, then a stop into our office is on your horizon. 

You should clean and maintain your hearing instrument every day.  EVERYDAY!!  Our ear canals have wax and oil in them, and the oil can build up a thin wall Inside of your hearing instrument.  Over time, it can run into the components and eventually shut down the instrument.  If the buildup is too extreme, we may not be able to salvage the instrument...thus it will need to go to the factory for a costly repair.  

Scheduled maintenance should also be completed by your Hearing Health Care Provider.  We change out microphone covers and hidden wax filters.  We have safe sprays for the contacts.  We have machines that vacuum and spin to pull out hidden debris.  We have the new ReDux moisture reduction drying machine that we can run for you while you wait.  Your ears should also be inspected and cleaned out routinely by your Hearing Health Care Provider.                                                                      

If you are not hearing properly or think your hearing instrument is not working properly then it is time for a checkup!  Are you hearing as well as you should be?  To Hear Better Is To Live Better!


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