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Comorbidities related to hearing loss

April 4, 2022

Older American Month (OAM) is observed annually and is led by the Administration for Community Living.   This year… the committee is focusing on “aging in place.”  How can people age and stay in their homes?  How do we provide the necessary tools to keep them out of assisted living and nursing homes?  How long can older adults live independently by themselves?  

Comorbidity… is the simultaneous presence of two or more diseases or medical conditions.  So, as we get older… many will have comorbidities.  High blood pressure and hearing loss for example.  
Poor balance and hearing loss… other examples.  I am sure we can all list many within our bodies.   

Every little thing in our body is related to another… all the intricacies make our bodies ability to function properly.  Along with keeping up with your normal doctors appointments, it is equally important to try and cover all of your medical needs.  

Hearing loss is a condition that can cause much hardship for the person with the hearing loss and those they need to communicate with.  Very often, patients have been exposed to excessive noise and never knew they should protect their hearing.  Perhaps the hearing loss was hereditary.   The hearing may have gotten worse due to uncontrolled high blood pressure.  A proper blood floor helps to protect the hearing cells in the inner ear.  Diabetes also causes hearing loss.  The list goes on and on.  

Why is corrected hearing important for you to ‘age in place?’  First, you need to be able to talk on the phone.  You need to be able to communicate with people… your doctors. Your family... people who provide services to you.  

Uncorrected hearing loss leads to falling.  Just a mild hearing loss will triple the risk of falling.  Then... for EVERY 10-decibel decrease in hearing your risk of falling increases 140 percent!  

Untreated hearing loss also leads to cognitive decline… dementia… and Alzheimer’s.  Even just a mild hearing loss can start the progression of cognitive decline if left untreated.  Dementia and hearing loss increases your risk of falling fivefold.  

Other comorbidities and conditions related to hearing loss and lack of communication are social isolation and loneliness.  This in turn leads to depression.  As discussed earlier… balance and falls.  
Diabetes and dementia.  

Smart hearing instruments today have ‘fall detection” built into them.  If you fall, they can send a text message for help.  They can count your steps, exercise, and movement to give you a way to make physical goals and to make sure you achieve them.  The instruments also will calculate a “brain” or cognitive health score daily based on the type of environments and activities you have been involved in during the day.  Did you know… if you have a hearing loss of any degree; to ward off dementia, you must wear your hearing instruments at least 12 hours per day!  Wearing hearing instruments can slow down the progression of cognitive decline by almost 70 percent.   What a simple way to protect your brain.  It would be our pleasure to help you…. Call (863) 385-3497 385-3497.  To Hear Better Is To Live Better!


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