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Biggest modifiable risk factor to prevent dementia

April 20, 2022

To Hear Better IS To Live Better... and to AGE Better.  Everyone wants to grow old healthy.  We do things to help ourselves stay healthy.  We try to eat right and to get enough exercise.  Many of my patients will tell me the secret is to “just keep moving!”  This too is my belief… just keep moving. 

Hearing plays a major role in the aging process.  First of all, if you have a hearing loss then trying to stay active and social becomes more and more difficult.  Studies show that people with hearing loss are 60% more likely to turn down invites to fun social activities than their normal-hearing friends and family.  This is the start of your inactivity and personal withdrawal.  Social inactivity and stimulation cause the gray matter in the brain to shrink and cognitive decline will sneak up on you.  People who are active and optimistic live longer than those who are isolated and lonely. 

Better hearing helps keep you more alert and more independent.  You don’t have to rely on others to interpret what is going on.  When you improve your hearing it opens up your special awareness.  You are aware of your surroundings and the activities around you.  This awareness also keeps you safer as you go about your day.  People with good hearing are 2 times less likely to have accidental injuries and 3 times less likely to have a history of falling than your friends with normal hearing. Hearing better helps to keep you mentally sharp.  Hearing loss is linked to dementia.  It not only speeds up the shrinkage of your brain, but the hearing loss also forces the brain to steal the energy that is needed for your memory and thinking.  An international Commission on Dementia

Prevention has confirmed that treating hearing loss in mid-life is the single biggest risk factor you can modify to prevent dementia!  Better hearing brings you joy.  This helps to keep you vibrant.  I can’t tell you how many times a patient will exclaim… “oh my goodness!... I can hear my voice… Everything is so clear.”  The smile and sparkle from the joy they are experiencing are amazing.  It never gets old.  

A Yale study revealed that to add 7.5 years of life to your age.. you need optimism and a positive attitude.  This type of outlook also may reduce depression, heart disease, and other chronic illnesses.  So give yourself the best chance to grow old healthy and happy.  Correcting your hearing is the single biggest risk factor that you can modify to prevent dementia.  Pretty easy.  Better hearing is a major contributor to being able to “just keep moving.”   Let us help!  To Hear Better IS To Live Better!  Call: (863) 385-3497


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