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May 4, 2020

Our office has stayed open to help those with their hearing needs (following CDC guidelines). We have used curbside service, deliveries, remote programming and telehealth medicine.  We have also expanded our YouTube Channel with more instructional video’s.  You should check It out: Lampe & Kiefer Hearing Aid Center.  Subscribe and get notifications to new video’s and information.  It is free.  In the last 2 weeks we have had 3 calls for people who lost their hearing aids and also TODAY... 2 different people called to see if anyone has turned in any hearing aids.  

All of these people lost their hearing aids when they took off their trusted masks.  All of them were leaving stores and took the masks off as they walked through the parking lot to their cars.  Luckily, our patients hearing aids are all still under their loss and damage coverage and their hearing aids are being replaced; without them having to shell out thousands for new devices.  Last week one of our patients’; Ron, and his wife Sandy called and said they had found a hearing aid in the parking lot of Walmart.  They tried contacting the manufacturer of the hearing instrument a couple different times to see if they could get a person’s name for the device.  Privacy laws were sited (HIPPA) and they were told they could not release the person’s name.  They were going to give it to lost and found at the store... but being the owner of such an investment, Ron decided not to take the risk that they would lay their forever, or given to the wrong party.  Further digging by our office and some gentle persuasion of the manufacturer we obtained the man’s name.   Along with Ron & Sandy we started sleuthing.  Low and behold... with the help of Facebook, Google, BeenVerified, and our computer data with a customer list obtained from another office that shut down their audiology department, THEN... a stop at the wrong house; but, with a new owner that promptly gave us the phone number of the man we were looking for... another 15 minute ride up to Avon Park and the lost hearing aid was delivered back to a very appreciative owner.   All this thanks to the investigative prowess of Sherlock & Watson!!  AKA.. Ron & Sandy.  (And a little road trip :) 

Our office has been in business for 52 years.  We service all makes and models of hearing instruments. We have accounts with all the major hearing instrument manufactures and contacts with all the facilities.  This association made it possible for us to appeal to them on the side of compassion for the patient to release the information requested.  The reason I am telling you this.... if you have found or find any hearing aids please call our office so we can help you find their owners.  Our number is 385-3497.  We still have 2 people out who have lost their hearing aids and are desperately looking for them.   

So, some helpful tips.  Those masks have a nasty way of grabbing your hearing aids and boom! They ARE GONE.  (Or they may just drop and break).  When you take off your mask.. reach up and hold the hearing aid in place with your opposite hand.  After your mask is off..double check and make sure your hearing aid is still on and inserted all the way in your ear canal.  It would be best if you did this standing still.  I know.. I pull that mask off when I am walking too.  Just a heads up... aids are flying through the ear... double check yours!  If you need us... we are here to take care of our community... just call!  To Hear Better Is To Hear Better!


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