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Make an effort to protect your hearing

October 16, 2023

Fall is here… hopefully the weather and humidity will take a dip, and everyone will get to enjoy some outdoor activities.  Many outdoor activities also bring with them some increase in noise levels.


Every action that we perform in life yields consequences.  Some may be wanted or expected yet others may not even be thought of as a possibility.   Hearing loss is often a consequence that is not given a second thought.   But…it needs to be.


Simple steps can help to ensure that your hearing stays protected and pristine.  Most people know that hearing protection should be worn in extreme noisy situations like shooting guns.   What other types of noise might damage your hearing and require the use of hearing protection?


Construction workers or just construction projects should have some ear protection in use.   Skill Saws, nail guns, generators running, and air compressors make a lot of damaging noise.  


Lawn mowers.  Yep, Lawn mowers… push mowers and riding mowers along with weed eaters and edgers make enough noise to damage your hearing over the years. 


Boating.  Not all boat motors are the same and we all don’t sit the same distance from them so quick trips across the lake will work your hearing hairs… if you are ripping through the wake for long periods of time then it would be prudent to put in some ear plugs to soften that engine. 


Factory work or running vacuums or a shop vac.  Very loud and very damaging.  Clean houses for a living?  Think about that….


Dental Hygienist and Hair stylist … Years and years of listening to the dental drills and blow dryers will take a toll on your hearing.  Custom sound protection such as Musicians plugs, or Starkey’s SoundGear ™ will allow you to still be able to hear yet prevent noise induced hearing loss at the same time!  If you are a hunter or just enjoy going to the range, the SoundGear technology is truly unrivaled for protecting your hearing.


Anytime you are around noise that make your ears ring or that you can’t carry on a conversation over…. then it is a good possibility that it is loud enough to damage your hearing.  There are simple foam plugs that are available everywhere or you can get some custom made at your Hearing Health Care Professional’s office.  Custom protection can be made with several levels of sound damping performance.  They can also be made that will limit damaging noise but still allow you to hear conversations.  There are many options available.   Stop by for more information.  To Hear Better Is To Live Better! 


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