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Seeking answers is human nature

June 3, 2022

It is Human nature to question.  It is human nature to inquire with others to obtain answers that satisfy our needs.  Why do we seek help?  We need help. 
Plain and simple…in little things and big things.  We like to analyze and do lists of pros and cons.  We like to bounce idea’s around with others.  We want facts.  Everyone, every day seeks out the help of others.  Moms want kids to help get ready for school in the morning.  Kids need mom to help them get lunch ready.  Bosses need employees to perform tasks to make the business productive while employees need coworkers to help them accomplish these tasks.    
When it comes to our health we seek out help to ensure we are getting the best possible care.  It doesn't matter if it is for our heart, or cancer treatment, we ALL want the best.   We seek out the best health care providers.  But WHY?  Why expend all that energy, researching backgrounds, asking friends and other doctors who they recommend?  Other than the need for the BEST.... we also don't want to waste our time and money.
When you get a heart bypass you want it to work correctly.  When you seek your primary care physician's advice about medicine, you hope the prescribed medicine works well.  When you get glasses or contacts you hope you can see properly.  When patients seek our help because they are having difficulty hearing they are not just looking for better hearing.  They are looking for a better life.
Our business has been in this community for 54 years.  Hearing Instruments are one of those items that you are not aware of until you need them.  For example; you know Burger King exists, where it is and how the drive-thru works even if you never even eat fast food.  You know what anchor stores are in our mall... even if you are not a shopper.  Yet, do you know where the nearest hearing aid office is at?  Probably not unless you need one.  It doesn't matter how much advertising is in the paper... if you don't need it... u are not compelled to read about a hearing aid.   Then one day you realize you are having some hearing difficulties... what do you do?  
First the research starts, with questions to friends and doctors on their recommendations.  What do your friends wear and who do they go to?   You find an office that is appealing to you and you make the appointment for a hearing evaluation and consultation.   This appointment usually is a 1-2 hour time frame.  Not only will you get the results of your hearing health, and a demonstration of the latest technology available to help you hear better in many different environments but you will also start to build a relationship with your hearing health care provider.  This is the person who will be taking care of your hearing needs for the rest of your life!  At least that is the way we look at it.  As your hearing shifts and your lifestyle changes as you age, your hearing instruments will need to be adjusted and your hearing re-checked.  You will and should have an intimate relationship with your hearing health care provider.   
This relationship will provide you with the best hearing possible.  Hearing Instruments are not something you buy in a plastic package, open it up with a pair of scissors and say "WHA-LA!!"  So when you are deciding how and where to get a hearing instrument REMEMBER... if you want the "Best Hearing Possible" without wasting your time and money on a worthless "over-rated" store-bought product.... seek out a Licensed Hearing Health Care Provider.  Find someone who takes the appropriate time to answer your questions and explains your options.  Make sure they care and will be available when you need them.  To Hear Better Is To Live Better!


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