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Value is our own perception

April 28, 2020

So many things we have all taken for granted.  To go wander Lowes aimlessly for an hour on a Saturday morning.  The luxury of reading every label on the food that you are buying at Publix and not caring how long you were. (Or caring how many different items you are picking up and putting back down).  Running into friends in the store and just chatting and laughing...and touching.  How about going to the movies?  Happy hour with a group of friends.  We as human’s Love to be social.  Plain and simple; we value interactions with others.  

With our business being essential yet governed as to the type of appointments we can have we have been taking care of patients in unique ways.  Doing what we can as needed to keep our patients and others in the community hearing.  Our patients are near and dear to our hearts and we keep open to make sure that if they need help they are going to get it.  Our office is much quieter these days.  The pace is much calmer.   We have gotten a lot of house keeping done.  While I value the house keeping, I much prefer a crazy busy non-stop office.    

Simply put; value is a perception.  What has meaning of importance to one person isn’t even thought of by another.  I see it often with spouses.  One wants the other to hear better because they are certain it is affecting their life together... and the other thinks it is no big deal.  One person in the same household has a different value about hearing.  

With hearing instruments... value is not just about the price.  It is about how well our staff has the ability to utilize our knowledge, training and experience to deliver to you the very best possible hearing.  When you don’t hear adequately for your brain then a void in sound takes place.  A empty space.  These gaps or voids usually occur in specific environment and prevents speech understanding cues.  These voids can cause people to become embarrassed, frustrated and even tired.  This leads to the hearing impaired and their significant others from living life to their fullest.   

Everyone wants to live their life to the fullest.  That’s one thing COVID 19 has shown us.  It is our responsibility to find out what your missing and how we... together with your help... can develop a plan to remove any sound gaps and restore those auditory area’s with meaningful speech and sounds.  It is our responsibility and desire to provide you with better hearing with less effort on your part... by delivering a customized solution for your individual hearing needs.  Everyone is different.  Different environments.  Different wants and needs.  If you are 50 years of age then it is time for a complete hearing workup.  Your brain and your ears work intricately together.  Protect them now and start monitoring your hearing health.  To Hear Better Is To Live Better!!


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