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You the man ... Sam!

December 10, 2020

Wearing hearing instruments with masks tend to cause ... well... lets just say ... distress for many.
Many people wear hearing instruments that sit on top or behind the ear.  Not only does the hearing instrument sit up there but so does glasses and now the straps to the masks.  That is a lot of STUFF in that little space.   Something is bound to slip off.

It seems as though weekly someone calls to tell us they have lost a hearing instrument or ask if “by chance” if anyone has turned one into our office.  Even though people try and remember to check to make sure it is still properly inserted after taking off the masks...sometimes...’s just GONE!  What is one to do?  Maybe your cell phone can track it?!!

Recently, our patient Sam had this exact experience.   Since COVID has started Sam inherited all shopping duties for the household.   A couple weeks ago while out and about he lost one of his hearing instruments.  Now, any of you that know anything about hearing instruments, know that it is a costly and sickening feeling to know “IT”S GONE!”

Now; Sam is a great student.  Sam is a conscientious patient.  We spend quite a bit of time with our patients helping them to learn all the features of their hearing instruments and cell phones.  YAY!  Sam paid attention.  He wears Starkey Livio Hearing instruments that are paired to his Apple iPhone™. The compatible app called THRIVE provides many added benefits for complete hearing health.  One of the features is “FIND MY HEARING AIDS.”    Sam texted me and asked about the range in which the app may be able to locate the hearing aid.   (He had been to a couple of different stores that day)  The app actually will give a location on the map of the last place the hearing instrument was attached to the phone.  If you get close then you can walk around with the phone and like a Geiger Counter it will provide readings as you get closer to the hearing instrument.  

After a little guidance from our office staff... Sam set out to “FIND HIS HEARING AID.” ... YEEHAA!   Next text from Sam:  “Found it at Winn Dixie.  Hooray!!!!  Couldn’t have done it without the App!”   

How awesome is that!  I mean really... the ability to track your own hearing aid and stave off unwanted and unexpected costs.   Bluetooth technology has opened the door to a whole new level of hearing health care.  Not just better hearing...but better life.  To Hear Better IS To Live Better


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