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Work on your brain... go beyond!

June 3, 2024

Life offers many choices.  That is the beauty of Life.  We all have different needs and desires.  I think most people desire to be the best that they can be.  Whether it is working out at the gym, eating healthy, taking some classes, getting a new outfit or hairstyle.  We do what we need to do to reach our needs and desires.  Why?

I think it is because of a need to push ourselves.  To Go Beyond!  It’s human nature.  Our brains are active and inquiring.  Often while programming hearing instruments I hear comments like, “this is amazing that you can do all this!”  Or “I wonder how anyone ever came up with stuff like this?!”  I also have moments while programming and setting up hearing instruments that I sit in total awe at what these modern hearing instruments can do and how well they do it.  I have seen lots of changes in the last 43 years. 

I get people who will tell me that they want an instrument that is simple because they are “not techy.”   This always kind of tickles me.  Lots of time it’s the people who really don’t think they are ‘techy’ who actually have quite the knowledge.  To this attitude I say... Go Beyond! 

Go Beyond your knowledge.  Go Beyond your fears.  Think about a time when you were afraid or anxious to try something.  Then you did and you...nailed it!  The adrenaline rush.  The feeling of accomplishment that you felt.  It actually made you have more confidence to do other things that you may have had doubts about.  You felt like you could Go Beyond!

This is what I advise you to do when you are contemplating better hearing.  Go Beyond!  If your hearing health care provider is promising to teach you how to do things with your smart phone or hook up special equipment to your tv for better hearing abilities then you need to believe them and trust them.   Learning is good for our brains.  It’s good for our spirits.  It keeps us healthy.   While it can be overwhelming to the patient what all that a hearing instrument is capable of doing...they can all be programmed to run very simply at first.  Often we will start hearing instruments programming very simply if the patient seems overwhelmed. 

Many patients just want the instrument to “work.”  

Hearing instruments today have many variations.  They can connect to your smart phone.  They can stream calls, music and audio directly into your hearing instruments up to about 20 feet away.  They can detect if you fall and contact others to get you help.  They can transcribe and translate languages.  They can monitor your physical and mental health activities and help you set and achieve goals to keep you healthy.  They help your balance and include your families and caregivers to make sure you are getting the most out of your hearing investment. 

Again...don’t be overwhelmed.   The more that your Hearing Health Care Provider has to work with...The better you hear.  The healthier you remain.  Everything can be taken in steps.  First we have to get you the hearing that you need and desire.  Then we can ease you into all the ‘fun stuff.’   While you may be a little overwhelmed or is really just crazy fun what we can do to make your life better!  You only have one life to enjoy.  Great hearing is a huge part of that life!  Reach for the stars and Go Beyond!!  To Hear Better Is To Live Better!


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