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Vision problems? There is help!

January 27, 2021

Technology that will read print and identify faces is now available in available in Highlands County.  What???  It is so cool!  The product is called “OrCAM”™   There are two options.

If you or someone you know has vision problems or is totally blind then there are two options to help “read” print.  Virtually any print.   They can be used with select hearing instruments or without.  
Lampe & Kiefer Hearing Center is now Highlands County’s ONLY Healthcare Provider of the “OrCAM MyEye”™  and the “OrCAM Read”™.   Truly amazing products.  Let me explain. 

The “OrCAM MyEye”™  can be attached to the side of your glasses or hand held.  With a simple tap of the device it will read the text that you are looking at.  It can identify people when you look at them.  It can read text on ANY printed surface. So even if you have low vision or are totally blind then you can still “read the newspaper”.   It can read your checks to you.  You name it and the OrCAM MyEye ™  Can read it to you.   It can identify barcodes on products.  The barcodes can read you all the ingredients or specifications of products.  It will recognize faces of people around you.  In the future it will identify furnishings in a room.  For instance; when you walk in a room it will say, “there is a chair 5ft straight ahead...or there is desk 2ft to your right”.   It can read your monthly bills or bank statements.  Tags in clothing... Books...Newspapers.  It can tell you the color of images. Virtually anything.   

The second option is the “OrCAM READ” ™  This is a handheld device that just reads text or print.  Very simple to use.  You just point it at what you want it to read and it does.  SIMPLE!
Both products are built for the visually impaired.   Whether a slight vision problem or total blindness... these products give patients back independence.  They improve the quality of life.  

AND GUESS WHAT!!!??   Starkey Hearing Technologies partnered with OrCAM to build the very first and ONLY hearing instrument that could “pair” up to the OrCAM products.  So, while you don’t have to have them connected to your hearing instruments...  If you do then when the OrCAM reads to you then it would “stream” into your hearing instruments and you would be the only one listening to what it is reading.
Such a cool product and one for anyone with vision difficulties of any degree... and you don’t have to have a hearing instrument or a hearing loss to enjoy the benefits.  This product has been available in over 25 countries and translates into 14 languages.  

If you would like a demonstration of this unique product for the visually impaired then please call our office at 385-3497.   Let us help you to live your best life... see and hear what you have been missing!  To Hear Better Is To Live Better!


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