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May 11, 2022

It's your time.  You have been having difficulty hearing, understanding, and simply struggling to enjoy the company.  Perhaps you already wear hearing instruments, and they are older, or your hearing may be changing.  Maybe you are just entering this point in your life where noise exposure and good ole' wear & tear on the body has caught up with you and your hearing ability.   Yep, it is your time... time for a hearing evaluation and possibly hearing instruments.  You may know some things about hearing instruments like styles and basic information on technology or you may not have a clue.  The one thing that most people think that they have a handle on is Price.   

Price.  Hearing instruments are like everything else in this world that you pay for.  The better and more advanced their capabilities the more they provide and the more they cost.  Are they expensive?  They can be.  Of course, that is a relative to the person who is purchasing the devices.  While some people think they are expensive... others think they are priceless.   

Advanced digital, computerized hearing instruments range in price from around $750.00 up to around $3500.00 per aid.  Can you buy it cheaper?  You can ALWAYS find cheaper, not better... just cheaper.  Are there more expensive ones?  Perhaps, if they are packaged with available accessories.  The higher the technology the longer the hearing instruments will last.  The reason for this is the updates and flexibility that the top technologies provide so that as your hearing changes the aids can just be adjusted to accommodate your new hearing needs.  Today I had a patient that I fit with Starkey Hearing Technologies Custom Completely-in-the-Canal hearing instruments back in 2007.  She paid approximately $6400.00   Her instruments were 10 years old.  There were many updates at no additional fees.   Her hearing has changed.  We've maxed out the capabilities.  It's time for new.  Even though her hearing is worse, she gets to get even smaller instruments.  This time smaller, invisible.  Completely invisible in the canal.  IIC.   Top technology today... any style... only $300.00 more than she paid 10 years ago.  HMMM...  best hearing available…  Expensive?  Maybe.  Worth the price.  Yes.  But let’s break this down... For 10 years, with no additional fees, she has had unequaled professional care, updates to keep her at her best, and continual support for all her hearing needs.  Not to mention The TOP manufacturing team at Starkey Hearing Technologies.  

Now the math.  10 years = 120 months, or 3,650 days.  You know where I am going with this!  That is $53.33 per month.  Or per day??? About $1.75 a day... to have the best possible hearing and professional hearing health care available.  That is literally just pennies "Per Hour" to have a more enjoyable life for yourself and your loved ones.  Wow... we pay more than that for our coffee every morning.  This is for the BEST… 

All the figures tell the truth.  I can appreciate the fact that you can't pay for them daily.  That it requires a large amount of cash, check, or credit card.  Our office also offers on all levels of technologies different payment plans.  We also have different service plans…so you are not paying for service in advance… maybe you would rather pay for appointments as needed.  Our office structure offers this choice.  There is 12-month interest-free as well as extended financing with some interest fees.  Many people will opt for a longer payment schedule because the payment may be lower and there is no penalty for pre-payment.  Top technology on a 5-year interest plan costs about $140.00 per month with no cash out of pocket.  Put some cash down and the payment is cheaper.  Pay it off in a year and a half or 2 years and you have paid very little interest.   Depending upon the technology level there are options as low as $30.00 per month.  If this is still out of your abilities, then we provide hearing instruments through the Starkey Hearing Technologies Hear NOW foundation.  We can help you. and we want to... call your hearing health care provider today.  To Hear Better Is To Live Better!!


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