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The sounds of the holidays

December 12, 2022

The holiday music is playing!!  It is Christmas time!  Even the weather agrees.  A little cooler temperature helps to get most of us in the mood for the holidays.  When we think of the Christmas season we think of a joyous time.  It’s the season when getting together with friends and family is planned and enjoyed.  Shopping, singing Christmas songs, and listening to the church choir are other activities that most partake in during the season.

With all this activity there is also a lot of auditory stimulation going on!  While going shopping on Black Friday the stores bring extra cheer with background music and the merriment of shoppers.  This day can open your ears in a whole new way.  From a thousand cars in the parking lot starting and stopping their engines and locking their doors with every horn beep possible, most people are just glad to get into the store.  Then there is the clanking and clicking of the shopping carts and people talking to each other and on cell phones about what they are looking for.  Of course, there are always the little ones who are tired and cranky... ready to go home...and shrieking at the top of their lungs!  Yep, normal sounds of Christmas.   

Can you hear them?  Now you may not care if you hear all of these sounds but there are some nicer sounds to enjoy.  Can you hear and enjoy the beautiful choir at your church?  Do you still hear the words in your favorite Christmas songs?  Can you understand them?  Can you hear your doorbell when a delivery person is trying to bring you that special package?  How about hearing the children ripping open their gifts?  You don’t want to miss that joy!  Don’t miss the sound of their gasps and shrieks of pure joy.  

Great memories are made during the Christmas Holiday.  Think back to previous seasons.  All of the above can come to mind.  In the middle of making these memories, are the sounds of Christmas.  Sound is so very important in our life.  It helps us to “remember” days gone by.  It helps us to enjoy the holiday season to the fullest.   

While the holiday season may be loud and stressful... it is also providing serenity and feelings of Love.  If some of your sounds are unclear, fuzzy, or just plain “missing” then it is time to get your hearing checked.  Perhaps your ears are just clogged up with some wax.  You only live once.  Why not enjoy it and live it to the fullest.   Hear the sounds of the season...make some memories...feel the joy that others are sharing with you!  To Hear Better Is To Live Better.


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