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The effects of sounds

August 23, 2022

When we think of sound; many of us naturally go to something that has given us good thoughts or memories.  Maybe it is a favorite song.  Maybe it’s the splash of water because you think of a great day of fishing.  Maybe it is a gunshot because you are an avid hunter… the list and possibilities are endless.  Sound effects us all differently.  Sounds effect us cognitively, physiologically, behaviorally and psychologically.  Listen to your environment.  Music is the most powerful sound that we listen too.

Most people identify music or a specific sound in just a couple of seconds.  Sound is good for our health.  Can u imagine sitting in quiet?  Close your eyes and listen... what do you hear?  

Most sound around us just exists.  It’s accidental or a by-product of a situation.  For instance, the clicking of a ceiling fan out of balance.   The rattle of a loose grid on the vent cover of your air condition ductwork.  Can you hear the hum of your refrigerator?  These are all by-products of our world.  Maybe you are sitting on your deck and a fire truck goes racing by with the fire alarm on.   You jump, look to see where it’s going.... your breathing changes, your heart races as you see it pull into your neighbor’s house.  Your brain waves race as you try to figure out what is going on.  This is a physiological effect.  Recently, laws were put into place to limit how loud music can be booming from your vehicles.  

This same scenario can lead to a psychological effect.   As we sleep we are relaxing, sounds are at a minimum and can be ignored.  It’s the same type of relaxation that we get when we are truly on vacation.   Music is the greatest sound that effects our emotional state.  Dance music makes us energetic and usually takes us back to our younger days.  Bird sounds tell us that everything is safe.  

Sound effects us cognitively also.  It is very difficult for us to try and understand two people talking to us directly at the same time.  Even with normal hearing.  You have to listen to which one you are going to pay attention to.   

Did you know that if you are working in a noisy environment it slows down your productivity.  However, upbeat soft music may make some more productive.  Maybe the tv is on and you are trying to read directions on how to program the ALEXA that you got for Christmas... very difficult to process the information.

All of these situations thus effect our behavior.  If you are in a traffic jam with someone playing boom boom boom music in the car beside you, after a couple of minutes you are frustrated and start to wonder if the person in front of you can drive faster than 5 miles an hour... even though you can see bumper to bumper traffic for at least a mile.   

We are constantly surrounded by uninvited sounds.  These sounds can wear on our well-being.  Pay attention to the sounds you like and try to minimize the ones that make you feel on edge.  Play a little soft music in the background and move your mind and body into a relaxed state.  Enjoy the fact that you can hear.  If others are complaining that your music or tv is too loud then it may be time for a hearing consultation.  Everyone should have a baseline hearing evaluation for their medical history.

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