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Take time for discovery

September 13, 2021

People don’t know what they are missing until they understand what they are missing.  How does the average person gain this knowledge?  Well, quite simply is with discovery during a complete patient journey. Statistically, a person having problems with their hearing will wait 6 - 8 years from the time they are aware of a problem before they seek a hearing evaluation from a Hearing Health Care Provider.  With that in mind, it is necessary when a patient finally does walk through our doors for help that we provide them with in-depth answers and solutions to their specific needs.  We help them to realize that what they are going to start is a “journey toward better hearing”….  It’s not just the purchase of a piece of plastic.
So we start this from the moment the patient makes their appointment.  Whether the appointment is set online from our website, with a phone call, or in-person…. They will receive a packet of information to familiarize themselves with our office and about their visit.  Their patient profile papers are also sent to you so that you can fill them out in advance.  
We have found over the years that this is the preferred choice…in the privacy of your own home. The Pandemic situation also allows greater social distancing in the office with fewer patients waiting for appointments.
After consulting and discovering what is important to the patient and why they are sitting in our office… we first check the ears for wax and remove them if necessary.  Then we will do a free hearing screening.  The screening results are discussed.  If a hearing loss is present then additional testing may be necessary and that is discussed in detail.  
Testing for a patient's ability to understand speech in quiet and then in noise provides optimum information for the hearing health care provider.  Every test that we run reveals information as to how well you as a patient should be able to understand if we correct your hearing loss.  We test to know how you are understanding without hearing aids.. then also we are big into verification of our testing results.  If our results show that you should be able to understand 96% of what is being said when you are in a noisy environment then that is what we are striving to reach.  
This journey will take some time.  Every patient has individual needs.  Different ears, different hearing loss,  different needs.  Again, people don’t know what they are missing…. Until they know what they are missing.  Once You do know…You will want to understand more.  Your needs will broaden.  We strive to reach everyone’s needs… individually.  To Hear Better Is To Live Better!


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