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Summer time maintenance

May 6, 2021

Summertime is here!  It is hot and humid for sure in Florida.  The humidity can cause havoc on hearing instruments.  You don’t have to be an active outdoors person to be affected by the sweltering humidity.  Simply going to a doctor's appointment or a grocery store starts the humidity and condensation cycle.  You go from your air conditioned home to the humidity to your air conditioned car... to the humidity... to the air conditioned grocery store... back into the humidity as you are walking to your car through the parking lot and then cool down in your air conditioned car... as your drive home... back into the heat and humidity... till you are back in your house and the air conditioning again... just a big vicious humidity and condensation cycle. 

Day in and day out the hearing instruments are surviving in moisture.  A little help on your part will keep them running corrosion free for years.  Some people will never clean their hearing instruments while others are meticulous.

Daily, you should wipe off your hearing instruments with a dry paper towel or cloth.  If you have rechargeable hearing instruments then make sure and wife off the area with the charging contacts as well.  Use your brush that was provided and turn the instruments upside down and brush off all areas vigorously.  Brushing helps to remove dried salt from sweat... as well as hair products and skin debris from our scalps.

If you sweat heavily then it is a good idea to do the above when you come in from outside.  You can also take a hair dryer on low heat and dry the instruments for about a minute if you feel that they have become wet.  If you have rechargeable hearing instruments then just use the air setting on the hair dryer.  Most rechargeable instruments use a lithium ion battery so you do not want to expose it to the extra heat of a hair dryer.

There are also Dri Aid kits available from your Hearing Health Care Professional that allow you to place the instrument in to draw moisture out.  These can be quite helpful for patients who have moisture problems.  

Keeping your hearing instruments in a top running condition also should include a visit to your Hearing Health Care Provider to have them professionally cleaned and cared for.  If we can help... call us today at 385-3497.  To Hear Better Is To Live Better!!


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