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March 13, 2024

There are several different levels of technology that hearing instruments are available in.   During the course of a consultation we take the time and effort to explain the limitations and benefits of each.  Most hearing manufacturers offer 5-6 levels of “new technology” … while older technology is also available from most as well. 

So what is the benefits or limitations?  Briefly… if you can imagine your old transistor radio… you had a volume control.  Nothing else.  You could turn the volume up and down.. but what came out of the speaker was predetermined by who made the radio.   You could pick up a few local stations due to the ability of the strength of the antenna.    As the world progresses they add bass and treble controls so that the listener could tune things in to what was pleasing to them.  This is like a ‘basic’ or entry level hearing instrument.  Limited fine tuning capabilities.   Limited clear listening. 

As you climb the ladder of technology there are many changes that takes place.  First of all, you get a bandwidth of correction that is more than twice as wide as the entry level devices.  What?  Instead of just correcting hearing frequencies between 500 Hz - 2,000 Hz….. your hearing will be corrected from 150 Hz - 9400 Hz.   This is huge.  It allows for more background noise control.  More sounds of the alphabet which provides better speech understanding is another benefit with higher technology.  Another perk with this extended range of hearing is that it helps to combat more of that dreaded tinnitus.   The more stimulus you give your brain…the better.

So as you climb the technology ladder from entry level to premium… more features are available to help control more noise and to provide better speech understanding.  Not everyone has to be in a  premium level to hear well.   The technology level and style should be determined by your testing and consultation results.

There are financing options available that can help you to achieve higher technology and pay for over purchase over a 12 month interest deferred or a 5 year interest bearing option.  Studies have confirmed that NOT wearing the appropriate hearing device is a detriment to your cognitive function,  To protect your brain and to slow cognitive decline you must provide appropriate amplification. Everyone should have a complete hearing evaluation.  To Hear Better Is To Live Better!


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