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Secret Motivations

April 20, 2021
What does motivates you?  What makes you get up and move and enjoy life?  Is it your kids?  Maybe it is your spouse or partner?  Perhaps you just want to be active to be more healthy.   When counseling patients it is verify important that we determine what is important to them.  We have to determine what is going to help them to live their life to their fullest.  We need to know what is important to them.  Sometimes... it is actually family members who open that door for us.

When someone is struggling with their hearing, it is very personal.  It can be very frustrating and even embarrassing for them.  It takes time for all of us to get comfortable enough to share such intimate information.  

We hear with our brains.  The ear is just the coupler that moves the sounds and stimulus to the brain.  Your brain then has to take that signal and make sense of what you are hearing.  We have to determine what it is going to take to help your brain take that damaged signal that is it getting from your ear and make sense of it.  Once we have that figured out... through in-depth testing...not just a simple hearing screening.... then we have to a discussion as to what is important to you.  Who do you want to hear?  What do you want to hear?  Where do you want to hear?  Do you still work?  Do you have meetings?  Are you an outside lover?  Maybe a Golfer or a bike rider.. Maybe motorcycles.  Is music important to you.... that is a conversation all in itself.  

We also have to know what bugs you!  Do you wear hearing instruments already and there are things you don’t like about them?  Maybe the TV sounds bad.  Perhaps kitchen noises drive you nuts!  Technology has changed drastically in just the last 2 years.  We can now allow you to hear and understand with those needed high frequencies and not have the dishes pierce your soul!  The development of “learning” hearing devices with AI (Artificial Intelligence) sensors that have the ability to analyze and self adjust in less than 14 milliseconds has provided patients with a much smoother and pleasing transition of sound.  

It’s the things that are important to you.. that we want to make better.  The more engaged you are able to be with those things the healthier that your brain will stay.  Being unable to engage and be a part of the conversations can lead to depression.  Sometimes; people can even have problems just understanding their loved ones in their own home.   This type of situation is very stressful for all people involved..not just the person with the hearing loss...but also for the person who is trying to be understood.  Again... newer technology addresses so many issues that we have never been able to combat.  In a recent study, 98% of Starkey Livio Ai wearers reported that they were satisfied in all areas with their hearing instruments.  They also reported less listening effort and less stress.  They felt that their hearing ability was more natural and just easier.  The Starkey EDGE AI hearing instruments actually uses 3D sensors to track physical movement and direction.  They can separate all your environmental sounds including speech into 8 different types of stimulus and focus in on the speech that you are trying to understand.  They do this with the use of gyroscopes that provide information as to where you are looking.  

Simply the Best.  They help you understand speech the best.  They control the best background noise.  They provide the highest patient satisfaction rate in the industry.  If you have tried hearing instruments before and were unhappy or “less than thrilled” then it is time to make your appointment for better hearing.  What motivates you?  YOU.. Motivate US!  Get the best life you can..after all.. you only live once!  To Hear Better Is To Live Better!


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