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Reese's law effects your hearing aid battery

July 2, 2024

Do your hearing aids use batteries or are they rechargeable?  Recently, a new law went into effect.  “Reese’s Law” changed how cell or button type batteries must be packaged.  To break it down… any type of button battery must require the use of “tools” or scissors to open the battery.  No longer can you open up a little tab of cardboard on the back of the battery pack…spin the dial and drop a battery out of the back.  You now must use scissors to cut thru 2 layers of hard plastic and the cardboard packaging.  If you have not experienced this exercise in patience yet it is because of the batteries that the stores have in stock.   Once these are gone…the new arrivals will be your only choice.

For people with arthritic fingers or weak hands…this will definitely pose some difficulties.  I personally tried to figure out a way to open the disc..split it in half so that all the batteries would be easily accessible when needed; but, so far I have not found an easy way to make that happen.  It appears that every time you have to change your hearing aid battery you will need to have scissors handy to help you. 

This Law took effect in March and stores are starting to run out of the old packaging.  We ordered extra of the original packaging but even our supply is dwindling and the new packaging is showing up.

For those of you who find this new reality a bit much there is always the choice of updating to rechargeable hearing instruments.  Starkey Hearing Technologies now has almost every style available in a rechargeable option.  Three different styles over/behind the ear and and four styles that fit in the ear or in the canal.  Their latest hearing instruments will run up to 36 hours in between charges. 

Don’t be overwhelmed with changing your batteries...there are other options to make your life easier.  If you would like to see some of these options..give us a call.  385-3497. To Hear Better Is To Live Better!  


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