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Our ever changing world

January 6, 2021

Over the years our world has gradually changed.  We have gone from small towns, abundant fresh air without automobile pollution and smoke from factories to densely populated communities. 
Today, Our world is fast paced.  People are have gotten used to having convenience at their fingertips. Seamlessly going throughout our days with out too many major road bumps.  

Then COVID-19 hit.   World wide there was a virus that was killing people.  This virus does more than kill however.   The short term and long term effects of this virus far reaching.  In fact, we probably won’t know all complications that it has caused for many years.  

Many people don’t like change.  Perhaps many don’t really appreciate it either.   The changes in our world in the last year has caused everyone to make changes in their personal life.   Changes that go far beyond whether you wear a mask or not.   The last year has effected our health in so many different ways.

I think from the stress of “not knowing” how the virus was spread.. Was it contact...was it airborne?   Extra work ensued for everyone.  Wear masks, wipe surfaces, wash hands, wipe, wash, wipe, wash, wipe, wash... just exhausting.   People went from hustling and bustling to being stopped “dead in our tracks.”   Along with that stress came the inability to go to the gym.   Our life has more stress and then less exercise leads everyone into a vicious cycle.   Throw social distancing into the mix and now we have people with pent up emotions and too many limits for emotional stability.  No physical touch.  No confidants.  Record numbers of businesses closed down.  Too many people have lost their jobs.  Too Many.  Stress Just grows.  Stress effects all parts of body.  

Technological advances that had been encroaching in the last few years jumped right on the front burner.  People who barely knew how to use a computer found themselves enjoying the “virtual” world.  Zoom ™... FaceTime ™ ...Webex ™  were just a few platforms that allowed people to connect.   They allowed somewhat of normalcy.   Even if we couldn’t have physical touch at least we could visual and audible connections. 

Many of us put off going to regularly scheduled doctors and dentists appointments.  Even though you know deep in your heart that your dentist office is one of the most sterile environments that you could step foot in... still... we put it off... mostly because of the unknown details of the virus.  Often for seniors these appointments are vital for their health and well-being.  In fact, sometimes these appointments may provide the only human contact that they may have for an entire week.   

It will take years for all the adverse reactions of this virus to come to the forefront.  We already know the damage to the lungs.  Reports of hearing loss and tinnitus are also now in the discussions.
Heart inflammation is a side effect... research is on-going as to how long and how in-depth the damage may be.  Circulation issues.  Recently, there is now talk of brain long does it last.  Is Covid-19 causing irreversible damage to the brain.   There are so many variables.  

Our changing world which has given everyone more stress has also caused our community to slow down.  It has brought more family time.  It has brought more outside activities.


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