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Nurture your relationships

April 22, 2024

It is important to nurture our relationships.  Everyone wants to feel as though they are important to their significant others and to their friends.   Many things can put a strain on our important relationships.  Hearing loss can be hard on an individual.   Hearing aids can help to improve your relationships and your thus; your life.  In the USA there are over 20 million Americans whose life would be improved with hearing aids.    Only about 16% of those people will actually use them.  Having a hearing loss can put a strain on you and your significant other! 

The good news is...when you treat hearing loss your relationship can improve.    Over 4000 people with hearing loss participated in a survey put out by the Hear-The-World Foundation in 2018 and found that 81% reported that they were happy that their partner had taken the steps to correct their hearing loss.  Over 70% reported that hearing aids had a positive impact on their relationships. 

Over a third of all participants believed that the relationship that took the hardest “hit” was the one with their spouse or significant other.   This extra strain is something that can be remedied.  According to a British study: 69% of participants revealed that their hearing loss stopped them from enjoying normal, everyday conversations with family and friends.   Almost 40% admitted to losing touch with friends and family due to the inability to converse or use the phone without stress.  It was easier to “let them go...”.   A whopping 44% said that their closest relationships with their spouse, significant other, family, or friends suffered simply due to the fact that they can not hear properly.  So...What can you do? What can hearing aids do to improve your relationship with the most important people in your life?

Simply put...Hearing aids improve your ability to hear AND UNDERSTAND.  When you wear hearing aids your communication with others improves.  Being able to discuss ideas and needs is important.  Enjoying the present and at the same time being able to plan the future with intimate details build, sustain, and continue to grow the bond between two people.  Hearing loss slowly eats away at this bond.

Hearing aids can provide increased independence for both parties.  When someone has a hearing loss then they depend on their partner more and more.  Relationships should be about sharing and supporting each other, but we all have the need for a little independence.  So an untreated hearing loss reduces both parties independence level.   Hearing loss can cause self-doubt and withdrawal from social situations.  Often this “withdrawal” will cause both in the relationship to avoid places...which in turn may cause hidden resentment from the person with good hearing. 

Wearing hearing aids can also reduce the amount of arguments that you are having.  How many times have you gotten into an argument because you answered something “totally” wrong?  Maybe those in your life are just sick and tired of the TV being too loud!  Too many arguments can eat away at even the best relationships.  Hearing loss is a medical condition that both people in the relationship must deal with. 

Hearing aids will help your relationship further by allowing you to enjoy more shared activities.  Hearing aids today are computers that analyze your daily activities and instantaneously make corrections to help you hear and understand in noisy environments.  They will help you enjoy your life and your relationship more.

When a couple is more socially and physically active then a hidden benefit is increased intimacy.  The better that a couple can communicate and connect the better for their relationship.  Being able to hear that “whisper” in your ear should be important to you...because it is to the one whispering to you. 

Help yourself to an easier, more fulfilling life for you and your relationship.  If you are over the age of 50 then it is time for a complete hearing evaluation.  Call and schedule yours today.  To Hear Better Is To Live Better!


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