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How loud is to loud

September 6, 2023

Hearing Protection… do you use it?   Many people use gas or battery-operated hand tools.  Even though big chain saws can run off a rechargeable battery, they are still loud.   Tools, guns, motors, may be deemed as “toys” for all ages; and with continual use can cause hearing loss.   Many items emit sound pressure levels that can lead to damage of your hearing.  If you use your tools, or toys and your ears hurt or ring afterwards then there is a definite chance that your hearing has been damaged.   Hearing loss can occur with sounds above 85 dB after just a few minutes.  The louder the sounds the quicker the hearing damage can occur. 

         For example:   A squeeze toy:                  90 dB.

                                 Wet/Dry Vac:                     94 dB.

                                 Weed eater:                       96 dB.

                                 Leaf Blower:                      99 dB.

                                 Riding a motorcycle:         100 dB.

                                 Hedge Trimmer:                103dB.

                                Sporting event:                  105 dB.   

                                Chain Saw:                        110 dB.

                                 Emergency vehicle siren:   115 dB.

                                 Cap gun:                           155 dB.

                                 Shotgun:                            160 dB


Hearing protection can range from a couple bucks to custom made sound attenuators that can cost a couple hundred.  The cost depends upon the amount of noise you are trying to reduce as well as the amount of time you are exposed to it.   I encourage everyone to at least have a set of the little soft squishy foam plugs available for quick use.  We hand them out regularly at different events and at our office.  It takes two seconds to put them in your ears; yet they provide great protection for your precious hearing.   Noise induced hearing loss is caused by exposure to loud sounds.  If you lower the volume of the sound and limit the amount of time you are around the sounds, then you will reduce the impact of those damaging sounds.   If you think, “this is loud!”  It is...put in some type of protection.  To Hear Better Is To Live Better!


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