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How happiness happens

June 11, 2024

It is fun to smile.  It is even more fun to laugh.  There is much research and data available on the health benefits of laughing.  Maybe your idea of happiness is just sitting in your yard and drinking a glass of sweet ice tea.  Perhaps it is casting a line while sitting in your boat on the lake.  Nothing better than watching the kids play baseball…

Happiness happens.   What is important is that you know how to envelope that happiness and get the most out of it and then also to share it.  Have you ever noticed that happiness seems to attract more happiness.  My mom always would say to us kids when we were stressed; “smile honey, you will feel better!”  And of course; we would give a have hearted grimace and then she would say; “see, don’t you feel better?”  Then she would chuckle and of course we would laugh…..  Thus, happiness happened.  Thus, she made us happy and got happiness sent right back to her.

Health associations world wide know that the more physically fit and healthy we are contributes hugely to our degree of happiness.  Physical activity leads to better sleep at night.  Better sleep leads to better disposition and more positivity.  This of course leads to more energy to do the things with your life that make you happy.  Good health is a must. 

To make sure your health foundation is solid you should make sure you are taking care of yourself with at least annual check-ups with your Health Care Providers.  These should include (but are not limited to) your primary care physician, cardiologist, ophthalmologist/optometrist, dentist, and your hearing heath care provider.  Our body needs are intertwined so you should have a team of professionals making sure that all the “parts of

Your whole” are indeed firing properly and running as a finely tuned instrument.  Stay healthy and happy!  Visit your doctor and listen and apply their recommendations.  Pay close attention to your cardiologist… after all; you need to keep that ticker in tip top shape.  Sharpen up your vision with a trip to your eye doctor.  Get your hearing evaluated and if you need hearing instruments they make them discreet and comfortable to wear.  Advanced technology hearing instruments can actually slow down the progression of Cognitive decline.  What?  Yep.  Keeping the auditory stimulus to your brain clear and strong helps your brain to stay active and alert.  Studies show that wearing properly fitting precision hearing instruments can deter dementia in 92% of users.  Those numbers are unreal.  Wearing hearing instruments no longer is looked upon as a stigma of getting old.  I had a patient last week tell me; “I am ready.  I think people think I am stupid because I answer them wrong.  Sometimes I actually interrupt people cause I didn’t hear them saying anything!”  Yes, he was ready.. ready to be able to socialize with his friends and feel like a part of the group again.  He was ready to made his happiness happen.  Be proactive. Make your happiness happen. To Hear Better Is To Live Better!       


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