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Home for the holidays

December 23, 2020

Usually this time of year I put in my article “Did You Hear The Bells on Christmas Day!”  Just a little jingle about hearing and the holidays.  This year our world is a little bit different.  While many will still have very small gatherings... mostly family...there are many people who are still so very isolated with family far away.   There are many in our community who have unexpectedly lost precious family members.
I have been told by many this year that they not “doing anything” cause its “just them.”  No point in decorating.  Many have just resigned themselves to the fact that COVID holidays means loneliness.  Kids are not planning on coming and many friends  simply have not returned from the north.  I would like to remind everyone to reach out to their neighbors.   Whether it is with a phone call or just a simple conversation while strategically distanced.   Remember,  as you are standing more than 6 feet away that you must speak louder to get your voice to travel and arrive to their ears at an appropriate level for them to hear you.   

It’s important that you continue to wear your hearing instrument ALL DAY long.  Twelve hours a day to keep your brain sharp.  Also, if you are out walking then you are may come across someone who wants to carry on a conversation.  So be prepared.   Turn on some Christmas music and enjoy the sounds of the holidays.  Even if you don’t have a house full of people...the music will help you bring back warm memories and smiles of previous Christmas joy.  The music will stimulate your brain and lift your spirits.  
I bet the phone lines will be extra busy this Christmas season.  Lots of Virtual Social Zoom ™ and FaceTime ™  ... make sure you have your hearing aids in with fresh batteries or a fresh Charge.  

So remember; while you are in the grocery stores, or picking up prescriptions...remember to smile and give someone a nod.  Better yet...actually speak to others.  Your voice may be the only conversation they really get that day.   We Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  

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