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Hearing loss can sneak up on you

May 1, 2023

Hearing loss can happen suddenly, due to an illness or an injury. Usually though… hearing loss often sneaks up on us.  Slowly we start to misunderstand a few things.  We may find ourselves in little spats with others that they are insisting they told us something and we swear they did not.  This lack of remembering can be a byproduct of not hearing or completely understanding what was said to us.  After all, you cannot remember what you didn’t understand in the first place. This leads us to wonder….  

Does hearing loss cause stress?  ABSOLUTELY!  Why?  As humans we have a built in need to communicate and enjoy the company of others.  When this ability is diminished then people start to withdrawal.  Many things can cause this withdrawal. It may be your physical health.  Perhaps your vision impedes you from interacting as you wish. 

Hearing is often taken for granted… just as many of our other senses are.  The hearing loss often comes on gradually so often the spouse or significant others notice the hearing loss first.  However, the hearing loss may have to reach to a significant level before anyone really realizes what is wrong.   Most people can get extra assistance by reading lips or facial expressions.  Most of us don’t think anything about it when someone say’s

“Huh” or “what did they say” … we just repeat it.  It really isn’t an issue until it is happening all the time, or the TV is blaring, and they still can’t understand.

But…it is an ISSUE!   Slowly, the person with the hearing loss will start to withdrawal and separate themselves from the people and the       activities that they once enjoyed.  This isolation and stress can escalate the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s.  Lack of proper hearing also increases a person’s risk of falling 4 times and thus increases risk of death.   This ratio is greater in men over the age of 60.

It is also stressful for their loved ones and their friends.  Soon, people get tired of the repeating and the “rude” talking over people simply because they didn’t know anyone was speaking. 

Everyone should have a complete hearing evaluation and consultation.  If testing results show a need for amplification, then that should be achieved as soon as possible.   The sooner and younger that a person corrects the sound pressure levels to the brain, the easier it is for the brain to adapt. 

Life is short.  Get a hearing evaluation from a Board-Certified Hearing Health Care Provider.  If you need hearing instruments get a demonstration of how the technology will help you hear better.  If you are ready give us a call!  385-3497 To Hear Better Is To Live Better!


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