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Get a little extra assistance

November 8, 2023

Do you need a little extra assistance?  How many things can you think of in your life that provides you with some type of additional help?

Let’s think about it… Your dishwasher… That’s nice..especially when you have big groups over for dinner.  Your hair dryer..speeds up how quick you can leave the house or go to bed.   Glasses. “Readers”. I have tons of reading glasses to go with my contacts.. to see the paper requires different ones than my medical forms or computer screen.  Automatic coffee pot. 

Automatic transmission and power windows… remember when we had to crank them.  Heck, just the car alone.. I mean you could walk.. you got 2 legs!  Cell phones..that are now little traveling computers with google, map quest and a camera all rolled up into one big personal assistant.

We literally get assistant from so many things on a daily life…I think we are all just a little spoiled!! Lol.  We all have tons of little accessories that we use on a daily basis to make our lives better. 

When your hearing declines then hopefully you have the type of hearing loss that a hearing instrument will provide for.  Hearing instruments provide correction to the ability that your brain can supply.  You hear with your brain.  Just like you see with your brain.  Testing results indicate your degree of difficulty understanding speech and what can be expected when the loss is corrected. 

For instance; with eyesight, if you are at 20/1000 ( almost legally blind) then the chance that glasses can take your vision back to 20/20 perfect vision is probably not a realistic expectation. I know this from personal experience.   While I see best with contacts.. not all can be seen or seen clearly with just my contacts.  (I can not wear glasses)… so I have to wear “readers”.  These little “readers” that I have in various strengths all over the place… home, car, office, garage, friends houses.. u name it.. are my extra assistance.  They are my “assistive devices” if you will.  (Just like all the other things I previously mentioned)

For many years, Starkey Hearing Technologies has provided some of the premier assistive listening products on the market.  They have television streaming devices that put the tv sound directly in your ears without losing the clarity as it travels across the room.  They have little personal remote microphones that your loved one can wear and you can hear them perfectly.  The latest accessory is a table mic.  It has 8 microphones that are adaptive and determine who is talking and pumps their voice right into your hearing aids.  You can also put the table mic in front of the tv and enjoy speech clearly in the background noise of the shows.  You see… when we correct your hearing loss, it is all about the speech to noise signal.  We have to get the signal to your brain.  You have a hearing loss and therefore a distorted signal is going to the brain.  The purpose of any accessory in our life is to make our life better. 

Assistive listening devices help to clear up the speech by signally it out in a most precise manner….thus; making your listening easier and your life better.  Ask your hearing provider if you would benefit from any assistive listening device or accessory today.  Hearing accessories are Brand specific…so you will want to purchase products that are the same brand name as your hearing aids.  Let us know if we can help.  To Hear Better Is To Live Better!


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