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March 20, 2024

Communicate...Communicate...COMMUNICATE!   You have taken the time to investigate your hearing needs and probably / hopefully you were educated properly and received help for your hearing loss.   The steps that you have gone through with your Hearing Health Care Provider build the foundation of the relationship that you both should enjoy for many years to come. 

This relationship yields better hearing.  It provides you with improved communication abilities.  Socialization is easier.  Doctors appointments have meaning.  Life is just better for everyone involved.

This “Positive” list is endless. It is important that you continue to nurture this relationship.  WHY?  Well, first of all, your hearing and your hearing needs change over time.  Secondly, your hearing instruments; as well as, your ears need professional attention to maintain them.  Third, together through evaluation and consultation you have shared what is important and what bugs you.  You have shared your trials and tribulations of how your hearing affects all aspects of your life.  You have also shared what you hope better hearing will mean for you.

With this in mind... you should have regular appointments with your Hearing Health Care Provider.  These appointments should be pre-set while you are in the office.  No one that I know of is a mind reader...(although we do try...).   During your appointments, your hearing instruments and your ears should be cleaned and checked.  The hearing instruments internal datalog reveals very useful information as to your communication and environmentally sound landscapes.  Instrument analyzers concur if your hearing instruments are indeed running to your programmed settings.  With your Hearing Health Care Provider analyzing your hearing instruments it provides insight in which to ASK and SEEK information as to any difficulties that you may be experiencing.   It helps the US to know if your communication needs are being met.  It lets the US know just how well you think you are doing.   It shows data that encourages us to investigate your hearing needs. 

Hearing needs change.  Your hearing may get worse.  Perhaps you started helping out your kids with the Grandbabies.... maybe you are picking them up from daycare or school.  Heck, maybe you are in daycare... and now you can’t understand anything they are saying.  Or perhaps their little high pitched squeals of joy are piercing your soul... OUCH!   Maybe you have decided to take up a musical instrument and you think it sounds funny.   Perhaps you are singing in church and others look at you like you are not holding a tune.   Sometimes you develop a ringing or whooshing in your ears if your hearing gets worse.  Technology in the hearing instruments can help to combat and relieve those unwanted head noises.  Maybe a spouse has passed away that you have been the sole caregiver too and now you are more active with others that you have barely seen in the last couple of years.   MANY MANY CHANGES in your hearing needs landscape.  Changes that you may not realize that we need to be on the forefront that we can help make your life better.  

This relationship improves and gets better every year.  We are in this career because we Love to help people hear better.  Do your part and keep your appointments to experience YOUR best hearing.   Need help? Just call.  385- 3497.   To Hear Better Is To Live Better! 


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