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April 6, 2021

Life is full of little nooks & crannies where we discover all types of interesting information.  I thought today I would throw out some Hearing Tidbits.... just for some fun reading.

Hearing Tidbit 1...  When we scream, special brain cells get activated and protect our auditory system from the sound of our own voice.  The cells actually dampen the auditory neurons to detect incoming sounds.  Thus, our own screams will not damage our own hearing.  (LiveScience/source).

Hearing Tidbit  2...  Being exposed to sounds measuring 110 decibels for more than 1 minute can cause permanent hearing loss.  (Stanford Medical).  So what is that loud?  A steel mill.  A car horn at 3 feet.  Riveting machine. 

Hearing Tidbit  3.... The louder the sound the quicker the hearing damage can occur.    For example:  A jet taking off at 25 meters is at 150 decibels.... this can cause the eardrum to rupture!    A military jet taking off from an aircraft carrier with the afterburner at 50 feet measures at 130 decibels.   Dropping down to 120 decibels is a chainsaw, oxygen torch and even a thunderclap; these are painful and approximately 32 times louder than the average level of speech.    

Hearing Tidbit  4.... Many normal day sounds can cause serious damage in 8 hours of exposure.   These sounds measure 100 decibels.  Examples include; use of an outboard motor,  riding lawn mower, motorcycles, farm tractors, and garbage trucks.   If you use these things, wear some hearing protection.

Hearing Tidbit   5...  Conversational speech is approximately 60-65 decibels.   Breathing is at 10 decibels and barely audible.... Can you hear yourself breathe?  Hmmmm.........

Hearing Tidbit   6... Other people hear a higher version of your voice than u do because you are hearing it through your bones.   If you want to know what you sound like to others... listen to yourself on an answering machine.

Hearing Tidbit   7... Humans can hear the difference between hot and cold water being poured.

Hearing Tidbit   8... If a song gives you goose bumps it might be because your body thinks you are scared.  For example;  an opera singer is trained to hit the same pitch and frequency as a human scream.

Hearing Tidbit   9... March 3 is observed as International Ear and Hearing Care Day.  This is because the two "3s" in the date represent two ears!

Hearing Tidbit  10.... Hearing loss is a serious health issue and is third most common physical condition after arthritis and heart disease.  

Bonus Hearing Tidbit....  Hearing well promotes, health and happiness by allowing us to communicate and partake in various activities.  If your hearing ability is "slowing u down" or putting a damper on your social life it is time to fix the problem.  Help IS available!  Call your hearing health care provider today! 


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