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Dealing with our personal limitations

June 27, 2024

We all have personal limitations that we live with.  Maybe you have a bad hip and it hurts to walk or even sit.  Perhaps your knees just ache all the time because they are “bone on bone.” Some people have anxiety or panic attacks.  Seems like almost everyone wears glasses or contacts.  All of these items we must personally deal with. 

So how do we deal with them?  We seek out professionals who can help us.  We don’t keep hurting all day and all night when an orthopedic surgeon can make us like new again.   We talk to our doctors or therapy groups to manage the anxiety or panic attacks.  When we can’t read the paper or see to drive we get corrective lenses.  We seek solutions.

So when you can’t carry on a conversation you should also seek professional help.  If you have ringing or sounds inside your ears or head you should seek answers.  If the answer is that you have a correctable hearing loss then you should make every effort to get the appropriate prescription from a licensed hearing health care provider. 

While hearing aid use has made great strides since I have been evaluating patients (43 years now)

There is still some resistance to wearing hearing instruments.  The stigma that a hearing aid makes you old… is really no longer a big issue.  As the baby boomers have hit the market most have a different way of thinking.   The new generation  WANT to hear the best that they can.  Personal care is at the forefront and keeping the brain healthy is a must.   They will seek out the professional who can help them.

While this has been a nice change there are still some who simply…no matter what….do NOT want to wear a hearing aid.  Some patients will tell me they just don’t want to bother with it.  Plain and simple they think it is a bother.  One more thing to deal with.  I can notice in the body movement the patients who feel that the need for a hearing aid makes them “less than perfect.”  Some will deal with the news happy that it can be fixed so easily; while others will struggle that personal value of not being a perfect 100% anymore.  

Just like finally having enough problems with a knee or a hip and making that appointment with an orthopedic surgeon;  everyone must come to terms with their hearing loss and their communication difficulties and decide when they have had enough..when they have caused their loved ones and friends ‘enough’ frustration.

Hearing is so very important in your balance, communication, & fighting off Alzheimer’s disease.

If you have a vision loss.. you get some type of ‘aid’.   You have choices of glasses, contacts, or corrective surgery.  If you have a hearing loss you also have many choices for correction.  Wax removal,

Many different styles of hearing aids, or surgery.  

The choice is up to you to take the first step.  Any type of communication problem or /tinnitus should be investigated by a hearing healthcare professional.  Answers will provide stress relief and a plan forward for better hearing will deliver to you a healthier and happier life!   Everyone over the age of 50 should have a complete hearing evaluation.  We can help. 385-3497.  To Hear Better Is To Live Better!


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