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Brighten up the new year

January 1, 2024

Brighten up your days…let the sounds of our world help to ignite your senses. Are you hearing as well as you should be?  Take the Bull By Horn.   Now that is a saying that everyone understands.  Don’t sit back and expect things to happen for you.  You must be an active participant in life to get the most out of it. 

If you want more friends...get out and be social.  Maybe you just want to spend more time with the friends and family you have...reach out.  This time of year seems to make most people take a look at their lives.  A little bit of self acknowledgment takes place.  Are you doing as much for yourself as possible?

Everyone should have annual health screenings.  Everyone should have a Primary Care

Physician (family doctor).   If we are already a relationship with a physician...if something goes wrong health wise then it is easier and faster to acquire treatment.   There are many guidelines for time tables for different screenings such as colon cancer or breast cancer.  There are also age recommendations in which to start getting those screenings.   Scheduled visits with your family doctor helps to keep your body dialed in and on target for a long lively future.

That being said; often hearing is not discussed until a problem is noticed.   Research shows the importance of annual hearing screenings.   Several years ago the recommended age for annual hearing screenings was at the age of 65.   Two years ago that age recommendation changed to age 50.  This is due to new data surfacing that relates hearing loss to the onset of cognitive decline.  Even a mild hearing loss decreases the amount of auditory stimulation that the brain receives.  When the brain does not get the amount of stimulation that it needs then the gray matter in the brain actually starts to shrink.

This is called Auditory Deprivation. 

A hearing evaluation can provide valuable health information.   The chart or graph that is produced from your test results is called an audiogram.   The information gathered during your consultation and evaluation can reveal many different types of health issues that may be looming. 

These include; but are not limited to diabetes, heart disease, infections, dizziness issues and solutions. 

New research is showing that hearing loss is occurring at an alarming rate even in our young children and teenagers.  In fact, 12.5% of kids between the ages of 6 - 12 have hearing loss that is caused by listening to loud music.   With this new information coming to light, it only seems reasonable that everyone should have their hearing screened annually.  A hearing screening is quick, easy, and pain free.  It sets a valuable baseline for monitoring future developments with your health. 

Hearing is done with the brain.  To keep the brain healthy it must be fed good things.  Sound is pressure... the brain must receive sounds at an appropriate level or it is not being properly stimulated.

An under-stimulated brain becomes a dull brain.  Just like the muscles in the body.  If they are not used...they get weak and shrink..making movement difficult.   No matter what your age, get a hearing screening.  Get healthier in 2023.   To Hear Better Is To Live Better!



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