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March 4, 2021

Everyone should agree that having good health is a blessing.  There are many different organizations in our world that help to deliver necessary health care to those in need.  Yet... there are always so many people who seem to fall between the cracks.  Those who don’t meet established guidelines.  So many who still go without.   

Hearing health is one such medical area where so many go un-helped.   Good hearing is so essential to being able to live an active and productive life.   Usually, annual hearing examinations can be performed at little or no cost.  If hearing instruments are needed the cost is usually the responsibility of the patient.  Sometimes insurances may kick in a little but that is not the norm. 
In reality...many people who need help with their hearing don’t know where to turn  for help.  There are several different organizations.  Often local charitable organizations such as: the Lions Club, or the Sertoma Club may help.  They work together with The Hearing Aid Project/ Hearing Charities of America to help get hearing aids to those in need.

The Starkey Hearing Foundation reaches worldwide.   It has provided over 1.5 million people with better hearing in over 100 countries over the last 30 years.   Due to the pandemic and restricted travel they are relying on the many educational platforms that they have developed in the other countries to enable volunteers to provide active care as well as aftercare. 

Our clinic...Lampe & Kiefer Hearing Aid Center Inc., has been a partner with The Starkey Hearing Foundation for over 30 years... thus providing thousands in our area with the gift of better hearing.   We remind you to NEVER throw away an old hearing aid.. no matter how old or what kind of shape that it is in... we may be able to use it or salvage the parts to help someone have the gift of hearing.   If you have old hearing aids laying around.. please bring them by our office at 130 S. Commerce ave.  downtown Sebring.  We will be sure to see that someone will be fit with them in our community at absolutely NO COST.   You donate the hearing aids and we donate our time and talents.  Our phone number is 385-3497 if you should need any information for you or a loved one.  Help if you can.
To Hear Better Is To Live Better


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