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A New Year's Resolution Short List

December 7, 2020

As we enter the New Year many of us will make promises to ourselves to accomplish certain goals.  Accomplish specific tasks.  These become our New Year’s Resolutions. They are our hopes and dreams for improvement in the months that lay before us.  

While many will want to lose weight or swear they are going to get to the gym a little more consistently...usually the end goal is the same.  To take better care of ourselves.  Healthy people simply feel better.  When we are at our peak then that helps us to be more productive in our own environment. 

Exercise...even if it is limited can never be understated.  It helps our blood flow properly and helps the oxygen in our blood to nourish our entire body.  Diet of course falls in line with exercise.  If you are not attempting to eat a proper diet then your exercise is obviously getting undermined.  

Your hearing will also appreciate your extra physical activity.   Your inner ear; also known as your Cochlea holds over 2,600 hearing hairs which are actual sensory cells that provide our brain with valuable hearing and balance input.   Lack of blood flow and oxygen can be detrimental to the health and function of these cells.  

Start your New Year off on the right track.  Start that exercise program.  Everyone should have a complete hearing evaluation in their health record.  If you have any amount of hearing loss then you should be tested annually.   Hearing instruments help to keep your brain sharp and active.  They will take you out of a dull and or noisy place into a vibrant energetic world.   

Hearing instruments have changed.  They now have the ability to pair up to select smart phones.

This feature is great if you like to walk or work out.  You can listen to music, podcasts or even your texts messages if you want.  You can listen or “stream” from the phone to the hearing aids with no cords attached.  While you walk they can count your steps and movements.  They can help you create goals and then monitor your accomplishments.   Hearing instruments are no longer just an amplifier.  They are multi-level and multi-faceted.  

Add hearing health to your New Year’s Resolution short list.  Hearing is directly related to your entire well-being.  Build a relationship with a qualified Board-Certified Hearing Health Care provider to ensure your continued hearing health needs are properly met over the years before you.  
To Hear Better Is To Live Better!


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