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Calling all hunters

September 21, 2021

Football season has started… YAY!  Go Bucs!!  Along with football season comes the “change of seasons.”  We will get a little more of a breeze and start to do a little bit different activities.
Fall brings hunting season.  If you are shooting guns for any reason… either in the range for practice or out on an active hunt then you should take measures to protect your precious hearing.  Wearing ear protection now helps to protect your hearing from sudden hearing loss from gunshots.   

There are many different types and styles of hearing protection.  They range in cost and also in the amount of protection that they offer.  There are soft little foam plugs that you squish with your fingers and put in your ears allowing them to spring back into shape once they are fully inserted.  They cost a couple of bucks.  While they only allow a few decibels of protection it is better than nothing.  
For loud explosive sounds like a gunshot; it is advised to get a better product.  They make headsets that do a great job…but headsets can be cumbersome.  Many companies provide a wide range of gear.
Every year, our office orders a substantial amount of electronic hearing protection devices.  This large purchase offers a substantial discount.. thus helping to get this product out to as many hunters and gun enthusiasts in our community. 

Starkey Hearing Technology builds the SoundGear ™ electronic hearing protection devices.  These are small, invisible, and take out 22-29db of damaging sounds….  Thus totally protecting your hearing.  Starkey also builds custom-made devices for the more discriminating hunter.  Patients who have a hearing loss may also benefit more from the custom devices and this can be determined with a consult with us.  
Be ready for hunting season…prepare now and get the gear that protects you!  Enjoy Safely!  To Hear Better Is To Live Better  


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