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The Different Cost of Hearing Instruments

April 28, 2021
Why do hearing instruments have different costs?  Well, just like most things that you can buy.. Hearing instruments also have different level capabilities.  In everything that we can purchase you can always find “GOOD-BETTER-BEST”   It has to be BEST for for your own personal needs.  

Hearing Instruments come in several different styles and technology levels.  Basic hearing instruments will cost less than those that can differentiate between speech signals and several types of noise .... all at once.  Hearing instruments that can do automatic adjusting and enhancing of speech with special features and sound processors make wearing hearing instruments so much more pleasing to the ear and the brain than those that are just basic amplifiers.  Some have direct connections to smartphones or tv devices.  Some are even fitness trackers.  Some provide remote programming. 

So.. “GOOD-BETTER-BEST”... What are the features and how do they apply to your lifestyle.  Your Hearing Health Care Provider should educate and guide you in making the BEST choice for your hearing needs.  This is done with Patient Discovery, Companion Discovery and your complete hearing evaluation.  To make an appropriate recommendation then it is necessary to understand what is important to the patient.  Input from family members & friends also reveals in-depth needs and concerns that the patient may not even be aware of.  Your hearing evaluation should provide speech testing in noise to ensure that you can carry on a conversation in noise once you are fit with hearing instruments.  Putting a familiar companion in the noise with hearing instruments on will also demonstrate the ease in which you will be able to understand.  

All of this takes time.  Time to discover you...the patient...your loved ones...your needs.  Not only do the types of features that the hearing instrument noise cancellation or multiple microphones 
Factor into the cost of hearing instruments... so does the time it takes for these professional services to be completed.   Hearing Instruments are approved medical devices by the FDA.    Just like other medical devices, it takes a highly educated and skilled Hearing Health Care professional to select and fit the devices appropriately.  Professional services that are associated with the selection, fitting, adjustments, and overall maintenance of the hearing instruments are often included in the cost of the hearing instruments.  

So how do you pay for the costs of hearing instruments?  There are many options.  The normal of course.. Cash, Check, or Personal Credit card.  Some retirement pension plans chip in on the cost...we file the necessary papers for you.   Financing such as 12 month deferred interest... or extended plans as well.  Hearing instrument pricing starts at $495.00.  With so many different levels of technology and care plan options, there is certainly a hearing instrument available for everyone.  Don’t live in a dull world.  Call and let us help you enjoy your life.  To Hear Better Is To Live Better!


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