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Important elements of being healthy

June 3, 2021

Being and staying healthy are surely evaluated differently by everyone.  While most know that a balanced diet and plenty of exercises are necessary; it is interesting to talk to people and get an understanding as to their knowledge and depth of the concept of being healthy.  Some people believe wholeheartedly that you need to eat red meat at least a couple of times a week to get enough protein.  Then there are the vegetarians who won’t touch any type of meat.  Exercise is another component of a healthy lifestyle...but many do not agree as to what type or how much is necessary. Some believe that walking 20 - 30 minutes a day is enough and on the other end of the spectrum is hardcore cross-fit with extreme weight lifting, cardio, and competitive games.  One thing is for sure.  Giving your body good nutrition and enough exercise is important to keep you feeling well.   

Another component of a healthy lifestyle is socialization.  Some people achieve this through going to the gym or facility and working out with other people.   Many enjoy socialization by getting together with their friends or going into restaurants.  Socialization provides laughter and brain stimulus.  It releases serotonin which increases your happiness.
To make sure you can enjoy your time spent with others and the sounds of our world you must hear properly. People with hearing loss can not carry on conversations in group settings very easily.  When a person has a hearing loss they work extra hard... often 4 times harder than someone with normal hearing.. to understand than others with normal hearing.  Misunderstanding others can cause dissection, anger, and misgivings.  People with hearing loss are often more tired at the end of the day.   Hearing loss causes isolation.  Hearing loss can be caused by many elements.  You may have excessive ear wax.  You may have sinus or allergy issues that are contributing to hearing loss... many things. Annually, you get your eyes examined.  At least annually you see your family doctor for a check-up.  At least twice a year you see your dentist and get your teeth cleaned.  The same should be true with your hearing.  Everyone should have their hearing and ears examined annually to keep their hearing at their best.  The health of your brain is directly related to the auditory stimulus that it receives.  People with UNTREATED hearing loss may increase the progression of cognitive decline (dementia/ Alzheimer’s) by up to 70%. Untreated hearing loss increases the risk of falling 4 times for just a mild hearing loss.  If you have hearing loss then today's modern hearing instruments are discreet with many options for your lifestyle!  If we can help make your life “healthier” and happier.... give us a call!  To Hear Better Is To Live Better!


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